Captains Confidential: Worst change rooms, feral fans, burner accounts

The modern AFL footballer is always on the record - at press conferences, on the field, or at training, so we at ESPN thought we'd talk to them confidentially about a number of topics ahead of the 2020 season.

We posed five off-the-record questions to nine skippers at the AFL Captains Day, with their confidential answers below and in no particular order.

Note: While it's not all hard-hitting, all players provided answers on the condition of anonymity.

Which change rooms are the worst in the AFL?

"Geelong away, they're tiny!"

"Probably the Gabba's away change rooms, terrible."

"Brisbane. Dank."

"Brisbane's away rooms. They have like this smell ... it stinks of paint all the time and it's really annoying when you're warming up."

"Brisbane, I'm sure I'm not alone saying that."

"Definitely not Adelaide or Perth, they're brand new. I'd say the change rooms in Tassie aren't great though."

"Probably ours, haha!"

"I haven't played in too many stinkers to be honest. I don't really take note or really care - I'm from the country so I'd sit in anything!"

"Brisbane, the Gabba, has everyone said that?"

Which AFL team has the best theme song?

"Love the Blues' song actually, they've got a great one."

"The Tigers when there's 100,000 supporters singing it."

"Collingwood's is decent."

"Been hearing the Tigers' one a lot recently, it's pretty good, but I'm nearly sick of it!"

"I love the Giants' song, I'm a #bigbigsound fan."

"Port Adelaide."

"Richmond's by far."

"Probably the Tigers or the Giants... actually, can I say our own?"

"My club's song!"

Do you or any player you know have a burner account on social media?

"I don't (...long pause), but, nah I don't know anyone that would... no idea, actually."

"Yes, it's very funny! It's moreso there for if someone gets a bake on social media, we just send [the player with the account] a message and say 'get a load of this bloke, can you throw them a slight jab'. It's all a bit of fun actually."

"Nah not for me."

"Don't think any of our boys do, though wouldn't be surprised."

"What's a burner account?"

"Yeah, [player X]! Don't know what he does on it though! Hope I haven't stitched him up here."


"I don't know what that is... so probably not."

"(laughs) No, no burner account here."

Which team has the most feral fans?

"I'll say Collingwood."

"Port Adelaide."

"Collingwood for sure."


"I think every club has feral fans so I don't want to single any team out!"

"Fremantle... or Port Adelaide."

"Collingwood's are pretty bad."

"Port Adelaide."

"All the interstate fans, they're parochial."

Would you play for a Tasmanian AFL team if one comes into the league?

"If I had to leave [the club I currently play for] I think I would like to play for them."

"I have no idea if I'd be happy down there personally, but I'd love to see a Tassie team. I think as a state, they're passionate footy fans and they deserve to have a team down there."


"I'd be happy to play anywhere to be honest, AFL has been my lifelong dream, and I'd be happy to play anywhere."

"Absolutely. Right now I want to stay [where I am] but wouldn't be against going down there."

"Probably, yeah!"

"If I was 18, yeah, but I'm happy where I am."


"Yep, I would."