Player Ratings: Christian Petracca a perfect 10/10 in Dee-molition of Dogs

With the 2021 AFL Grand Final won and done by the Demons, we've turned our attention to rating the games of all 46 players involved. From those who had a blinder, to those who could have been involved a bit more, find out who played well on footy's biggest stage.

We've ordered the players how they were named in the lineups, from defenders, to midfielders and rucks, to the forwards, to the 'interchange'.

Western Bulldogs player ratings can be found in our 'editors picks' to the right.


Michael Hibberd, 7: Found himself isolated a bit one-on-one against Dogs forwards but kept bringing the ball to ground. Clean at ground level when required. A real foot soldier's game from the pig.

Steven May, 5: Was taken out of early contests and looked to be labouring somewhat with his injury. Was a little off the pace at times when the Dogs looked threatening, but was also robbed of a mark. Great effort to get up for the game.

Jake Lever, 6: His game wasn't notable, which you want from a backman. Despite his intercepting prowess, he was well held by Josh Schache early and wasn't allowed freedom of movement. Link work was good. Wasn't a standout, but didn't need to be.

Trent Rivers, 7: Tenacious with his tackling, Rivers was particularly good when forced to be one-on-one against Mitch Hannan and other Bulldogs smalls. Such an important piece to this side.

Harrison Petty, 5: Had some nervous moments with the ball in hand -- including a crucial turnover which gifted Adam Treloar a goal -- but didn't give up when up against a bigger opponent in Tim English.

Christian Salem, 7: Typical Salem performance - he set up so much play off half back and joined in the celebrations late with a goal.

Angus Brayshaw, 8: Industrious without having huge impact early. He worked into the game and kicked a vital goal in the third term off the back of multiple efforts - going back with the flight to take the mark. His work rate late was important.

Christian Petracca, 10: Possibly the best individual performance in a Grand Final we've ever seen. A record 40 touches in a decider, two important goals, nine clearances and many of those when his side needed them when the Dogs were on top in the third term. Perfect.

Ed Langdon, 8: In awe of his running ability. All game he was dashing across the wing, taking bounces and kicking long to threatening spots. He has 17 disposals and a goal, but went at 88 percent efficiency and had 400 metres gained.

Max Gawn, 6.5: Was really good early plugging holes in the forward line and backline when Melbourne needed a marking presence. His second and third terms were a little quiet -- uncharacteristically so -- but his effort never dwindled.

Clayton Oliver, 8: Started like a house on fire with nine touches in the first 10 minutes. His running goal in the third term was a joy to watch, and his 33 disposals and 10 tackles were a testament to his work rate.

Jack Viney, 7: Wanted his presence felt from the first bounce. Had 25 disposals, 12 clearances and six tackles in a gritty performance. Had five turnovers, but in such a thumping win, you look past those.

Alex Neal-Bullen, 7: Was a really solid contributor and was cool with ball in hand. Was unlucky not to hit the scoreboard earlier but finished with a major to go with his 24 touches.

Tom McDonald, 5: Quiet throughout - was well held in fairness. Had just five touches to his name until the last few minutes. Finished with two goals and eight disposals.

Tom Sparrow, 7.5: His kicks inside 50 were immense and was an important link in the chain. He had 14 disposals but six score involvements and three direct goal assists. Will probably go down as an underrated performance.

Charlie Spargo, 6: Was at times dangerous at ground level, and converted on a turnover chance courtesy of Luke Jackson. Quiet at times.

Ben Brown, 7: Missed an early chance in uncharacteristic fashion, but kicked crucial goals in the second and third terms. Finished with three goals. What a story after last offseason!

Bayley Fritsch, 9: Six big ones in a Grand Final. What a performance from arguably the league's most dangerous 'general forward'. He's strong overhead, strong at ground level, has a smart football brain and is nimble. If we're being very picky, he was a touch fumbly in the third term and could have finished with eight!

James Harmes, 5.5: It was an 'almost' game from Harmes, who had a few disposals smothered, and was tackled just after taking possession on a number of occasions. Fought hard all night and had a great moment to set up Fritsch for a major.

Luke Jackson, 7: What do you say about the Rising Star? He had 13 touches, laid six tackles, had 16 hit outs and kicked a late goal. Went at 92 percent disposal efficiency.

Jake Bowey, 7: Bowey played his role really well. He did what what was needed, and was lively off half back and found himself involved in a number of crucial back half chains.

Kysaiah Pickett, 3: It wasn't quite Pickett's night - his pressure early was notable and helped force a turnover which turned into a goal, but struggled to get his hands on the footy, finishing with four touches.

James Jordon*: Was the unused medical sub.