Man runs marathon in backyard for Britain's National Health Service

Former professional javelin thrower James Campbell ran a marathon in his backyard on Wednesday for Britain's National Health Service, raising over £26,000.

Campbell completed the marathon by doing 6-metre shuffles from one end of his garden to the other. He calculated that he would have to do at least 7,000 shuffles to reach 26.2 miles.

The former athlete said he would take on the challenge of running a marathon in such a small space if his tweet received over 10,000 retweets. It received well over 23,000 retweets.

He completed the marathon in just over five hours and raised more than £18,000 in that time. That figure has now jumped by over £8,000.

Campbell's effort was livestreamed and thousands tuned in to watch including former England international Geoff Hurst. The marathon was commentated on by friends of Campbell while neighbours also shouted encouragement.