Q&A: Florida DE signee Jonathan Bullard

Florida DE signee Jonathan Bullard could see playing time as a freshman this fall. Miller Safrit/ESPN.com

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Over the next few weeks GatorNation will have a series of Q&As with Florida's incoming freshmen. Next up is defensive end Jonathan Bullard from Shelby (N.C.) Crest HS. Bullard will enroll at Florida for Summer B in June.

GN: What number will you wear next season?

Bullard: Going through my recruitment I asked coach [Will] Muschamp if I could get my high school number, which is number 90. He said I could, so that is what I am planning to wear.

GN: Who are you planning to room with when you get to Florida?

Bullard: We haven't made it official, but I want to room with my high school teammate Rhaheim Ledbetter. We haven't told the coaches or anything like that, but I know they won't have a problem with that.

GN: What kind of workout or training program are you doing to prepare?

Bullard: Right now I just got out of basketball season, so I took a little time off. I've been running lately. They sent us a book, a workout plan where we are supposed to run three times a week and lift three times a week. But we haven't even started the book yet. We are going to start soon. Like today we ran these things we call snakes down here -- we run uphill and pull sleds. Right now we are just trying to get in shape and then we are going to start their workout. I talked to coach [DJ] Durkin and he's going to send me a film of the d-linemen drills, and I'm going to start doing those.

GN: What are you looking forward to the most when you get to Florida?

Bullard: I'm just looking forward to the first game of the season. An opportunity to compete and play early. I have an a good chance depending on how hard I work. That first game in The Swamp, the jitters you're going to get from coming out of the tunnel for the first time and seeing how The Swamp really is on the field playing. Just getting to play with my teammates and getting to know everybody and hopefully getting the Gators back to where they were at one point in time.

GN: Tell Florida fans something about you that most people don't know.

Bullard: I'd just say that I'm pretty shy, that's pretty much it.