BC needs big signing day

Florida State gets all the love. Clemson gets lots of ink and so does Miami. Those three programs have stolen the ACC's signing day show in recent years.

None of those programs, though, need to have as big of a day on Wednesday as Boston College.

The Eagles will likely be overshadowed again on national signing day, but if the program is going to improve under first-year coach Steve Addazio, it has to start with this class. Recruiting has been at the heart of BC's problems during its steady decline. Former coach Jeff Jagodzinski left the cupboard so bare that former coach Frank Spaziani had to bring in a 25-year-old minor league pitcher as a pinch hitter at quarterback. Spaziani, too, made missteps as he tried to restock the talent, and depth up front has continued to be an issue on both sides of the ball. Addazio, though, was hired in large part because of his recruiting ties to the Northeast. His résumé and past successes in recruiting should give BC fans hope.

This, though, will be Addazio's biggest test: Can he recruit to a struggling program that is overshadowed by its own hockey program and is in a city driven by its professional sports?

In 2010, Addazio was named the national recruiter of the year by ESPN Recruiting. Recruiting to the state of Florida, though, and recruiting to Chestnut Hill are as different as sunshine and a snowball. Some of Florida's best recruits in that class, though, were from the Northeast, and that was a tribute to Addazio's ties there. He is a native of Farmington, Conn. He was an assistant coach at Syracuse. He was a high school coach in Connecticut. He went to school there.

There's no question Addazio knows how to recruit. There's no question he knows the area. Whether or not he can put it all together at a program coming off a 2-10 season remains to be seen. By no means should Addazio be expected to find all of the answers in his 2013 class, but he should be expected to lay the foundation with it.