Chiefs can catch Chargers in AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs are on a three-game winning streak coming into "Monday Night Football." Brian Spurlock/US Presswire

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Q: Do you think that win over the New Orleans Saints was a job-saving win for St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo?

-- Jeff (Calif.)

A: One win is a step, Jeff, but Spagnuolo will be evaluated over the games remaining this season. Sunday's win was a great start, though; no one thought St. Louis could upset New Orleans, and it did. Now the Rams need to come up with more surprising victories so that they can make Spagnuolo's job safer. If he keeps winning, he'll have a chance. If he doesn't, it'll be tough to keep his job because the NFL is a bottom-line business.

Q: The San Diego Chargers clearly have the most talent in the AFC West, but once again are in a dogfight for the division. Do you think the Kansas City Chiefs or Oakland Raiders can catch them?

-- Geoff (Nev.)

A: Yes, Geoff, it's possible. The Chiefs have started to play well, and they have a real chance to make some noise tonight. If they can win tonight, they will challenge the Chargers. If they don't win tonight, it will be real tough, having lost two games to San Diego this season. As for Oakland, the Raiders looked like a certifiable contender to San Diego until they played before their bye against Kansas City and got smoked. If Oakland can play the way it did the first six games, especially in the head-to-head games versus San Diego, then the Raiders can challenge for the division title. But if they don't solidify their quarterback position, get Darren McFadden healthy and beat San Diego at least once (and maybe twice), then they won't be able to do it. The opportunity is there for both challengers, especially with the way San Diego has struggled. But it isn't going to be easy.

Q: Tim Tebow-mania came to a screeching halt this week against the Detroit Lions. I know he's overhyped, but what do you think are reasonable expectations for him for the rest of the season?

-- Rebecca (Ore.)

A: Rebecca: I think Denver is going to give the quarterback's supporters exactly what they want -- a heavy dose of Tebow. They'll play him for a little while longer and see if he is as good as the finish in the Miami game -- or as off as the other times he has played. Keep in mind, the Broncos have said Brady Quinn outplayed Tebow in practice. And at some point later this season, they might see what they have in him. But they've given Tebow a chance and so far the results aren't overly encouraging. He needs to play better, prove he is worthy of the chance and try to secure Denver's starting job in the future. It won't be easy and will be one of the biggest challenges of his football career.

Q: What happened to the Baltimore Ravens in the second half against the Arizona Cardinals? Do you think they fixed their offensive issues or was this just a case of beating up on a bad defensive Cardinals team?

-- Jared (Ga.)

A: For one half, Jared, Baltimore's offense came to life. It started doing the things it has to for the Ravens to be a tough team. They got the ball to Ray Rice; they stretched the field with Torrey Smith; Anquan Boldin came up huge in the second half; they used their tight ends in an advantageous way. Joe Flacco still needs to be more consistent, though, and as he goes, Baltimore will go. In the first half, Flacco was flat and so were the Ravens. In the second half, Flacco came to life and so did the Ravens. Again, it will be a question of doing this over time -- starting this Sunday against Pittsburgh.

Q: What other coaches (besides Tony Sparano) do you think are currently on the hot seat?

-- Hanson (Ill.)

A: Any coach who isn't winning is on the hot seat, Hanson -- just look at the standings. Look at the teams struggling to win. The winless coaches are Sparano and Indianapolis' Jim Caldwell. There's trouble in Miami and potential trouble in Indianapolis. Spagnuolo was documented above. Any coach who isn't a rookie head coach, and who is struggling to win, will be subject to scrutiny and speculation. And don't forget, every season there is a surprise coaching change -- last year it might have been Jeff Fisher in Tennessee or Tom Cable in Oakland. It will happen again this offseason -- a coach we're not expecting to go will go. It happens every year.