Jim Caldwell's future in Indianapolis

Will both Peyton Manning and Jim Caldwell be back with the Colts next season? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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Q: I'm kind of shocked that the Minnesota Vikings released Bernard Berrian. Where do you think he could end up?

-- Keith (R.I)

A: Shocked, Keith? I'm shocked it didn't happen sooner. They've deactivated him, benched him and shopped him in trade offers. It was only a matter of time. The interesting part will be to see if a wide-receiver needy team such as the San Francisco 49ers decides to put in a claim for Berrian. At one point, he was a sought-after player who commanded top dollar from the Vikings. He can help someone.

Q: Do you think the Indianapolis Colts could fire Jim Caldwell at the end of this season? If so, what bearing does that have on Peyton Manning's future with the franchise?

-- Jordan (Tex.)

A: Jordan: Don't believe that Caldwell and Manning's futures are tied together. Indianapolis will finish this season and evaluate who will stay and who will go. Anyone who is a part of a season like this in Indianapolis knows his future there is in question. There will be changes, possibly plenty of them. But the Colts' plan is to bring back Manning. The only way coming back to Indianapolis would even be a question for Manning is if the Colts somehow wind up with Andrew Luck. Even then, Manning probably is back, though the Colts could entertain trade offers for No. 18 if they desired.

Q: Adam, I was wondering what, if any, punishment you think the Vikings or the NFL could hand down to Chris Cook? Is he in danger of being released as well?

-- Helga (Germany)

A: Well, they already have, Helga. The Vikings released this statement late last night: "Today's allegations against Chris Cook are very disturbing and disappointing. At this time, he is suspended without pay from the team while we continue to gather information regarding the situation. We will have no further comment until the appropriate time."

Something like this -- sitting in jail up the street from where the Vikings are trying to beat the Green Bay Packers -- will be a permanent stain on Cook's resume. His future is shaky due to this, and it should be if it turns out to be true.

Q: I think it's kind of ironic that with all his self-promotion, no NFL scouts attended Terrell Owens' workout on Tuesday. Where do you think is the most likely destination for him?

-- Jeremy (Conn.)

A: Why do people keep asking what the likely destination is when there isn't one on the horizon, Jeremy? The more appropriate question to ask is whether T.O. can simply get a job in the NFL this season. I've doubted it all along. He would be the oldest receiver in the league, he's coming off major knee surgery and his locker-room reputation isn't exactly stellar. Short of a playoff-contending team losing a starting-caliber wide receiver, it's hard to see any likely destinations for T.O.