Rodgers can challenge Favre's career

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Q: Do you believe that Aaron Rodgers will ever be considered better than Brett Favre?

-- Jim (Calif.)

A: Some of his numbers already have been, Jim. Plus, in the one category that matters most, Rodgers already has won as many Super Bowls as Favre. Now it's easy to fall for Rodgers with him being the flavor of the month. But the fact of the matter is, if he stays healthy, if he avoids concussions, it looks as though he's going to have every bit the career Favre did -- and then some. Rodgers has been fantastic for two straight years, but this past year was when he broke through in the clutch. The bottom line is Favre is one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game. Rodgers looks as though he can be that good, too. It's just a matter of doing it over time.

Q: Adam, what teams do you expect to be the most active during free agency?

-- Sudheer (Md.)

A: Well, Sudheer, for starters, we don't know exactly what the rules are going to be. I continue to hear rumblings that the cap is going to be close to $120 million or so, which means the teams that have been financially responsible will have an advantage if and when the new league year begins. And if the cap is in fact close to that $120 million number, it's going to limit certain teams from being as active as they'd like. Then you have to factor in teams that will have salary purges, dumping big veteran contracts. That will change the dynamic, too. So there are a lot of factors that go into which team will be the most active in free agency. It's just not a simple question to answer. In a world in which there are no other factors, I'd think teams such as the Redskins, Eagles, Ravens and Jets would be very active. But it's not that simple. Let's see what the rules are, let's see what teams decide to do, then the answer to your question will come into sharper focus.