Plaxico Burress could wind up with Jets

Could Plaxico Burress end up playing with the New York Jets next season? AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

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Q: Adam, do you think that Plaxico Burress could end up wearing green and white for the New York Jets next year? How much of a possibility is it?

-- Jake (N.J.)

A: It would make sense, Jake. Last year, when some thought Burress might be paroled, the Jets were one of the teams that would have been interested. This offseason, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Brad Smith all have expired contracts. Edwards is certain to be an unrestricted free agent, but no one knows yet whether Holmes or Smith will be. But my sense is that Burress' potential future with New York would be tied to the fates of those other three wide receivers. The Jets would like to bring back all of them, but that is probably not realistic.

New York already has drafted a potential replacement for Smith, using a fifth-round pick on TCU wide receiver and return man Jeremy Kerley. Now the question is, can the Jets keep Edwards and Holmes? If they can't, then the chances of Burress winding up with New York increase. But I also wouldn't dismiss the St. Louis Rams as a potential landing spot. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo knows how talented Burress is from their time together with the New York Giants. Burress will have his suitors and he could wind up anywhere, but the Jets and Rams are as logical landing spots as any.

Q: Assuming that the Cincinnati Bengals don't start (or actually get rid of) Carson Palmer, could they be the worst team in the NFL next year starting Andy Dalton? If Terrell Owens and Ochocinco are gone, their No. 1 wideout and QB are both rookies in a division with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

-- Francis (Fla.)

A: That's the challenge, Francis. It's not going to be easy in Cincinnati if Palmer does not return -- and most people around football don't think he will. But think about it this way: The Bengals, Browns and Panthers all are in similar situations. They're all playing in divisions with some powerhouse teams and first-rate quarterbacks, and if they don't get improved play out of their quarterbacks, those franchises will struggle to compete.

The pressure will be on Dalton, Colt McCoy and Cam Newton to be nearly as good as Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman. If they can be, their teams will contend. If not, they'll be right back near the top of the draft, staring straight at the possibility of picking Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck or some other highly rated quarterback.

Q: Will this finally be the year the Houston Texans make the jump to the playoffs? They still need help in the secondary, but they at least used a couple draft picks to shore up their defensive front seven. What do you think?

-- Kevin (Texas)

A: Kevin: We've been saying this about the Texans every year, waiting for them to make their jump, and they haven't. Saying that, they are positioned to do it this season because they had what looked to be a superb draft. They came out of it with five potential new defensive starters in their first five picks -- Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt, Arizona linebacker Brooks Reed, Miami cornerback Brandon Harris, Virginia Tech cornerback Rashad Carmichael and Idaho safety Shiloh Keo. That looks like it could be a great defensive haul. And Houston's next pick, fifth-round quarterback T.J Yates, also was a solid selection that disappointed other teams that wanted him. Now one good draft doesn't mean that the Texans will take the jump that they need to this season. But it enhances their chances in a division that is there for the taking.

Q: Given the labor situation, will the NFL have a supplemental draft this year? I am wondering if players like Michael Floyd or Janoris Jenkins will even have this option available to them?

-- Jonathan (La.)

A: For starters, Jonathan, the NFL still doesn't know whether there will be a supplemental draft this year and, if it has one, when it would be. But even if there is one, it doesn't sound like Floyd or Jenkins will be in it. Floyd is returning to Notre Dame for another season and Jenkins could be enrolling at North Alabama, a Division II school. There could be other candidates that emerge for the draft if it does happen. But so far, no names have emerged for a draft that might not even be.