McNabb to Minnesota makes sense

Donovan McNabb could be taking his talents to the Minnesota Vikings. Jim O'Connor/US Presswire

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Q: It seems like the Minnesota Vikings are again a hot destination for Donovan McNabb (whenever there is free agency/he's released by Washington). What do you think the chances are the Vikings go after McNabb to try and make one more Super Bowl run before rebuilding??

-- Heather (D.C.)

A: Heather: Minnesota makes sense on a number of levels. Even if the Vikings draft a quarterback high on Thursday or Friday, they are not going to turn their team over to him right away, especially when he can't go through organized team activities and minicamps. This year's crop of rookie quarterbacks will have less preparation in advance than any other, which will delay the process for any of them starting this season -- assuming there is one. Minnesota, or any veteran team that is ready to compete and win now, is going to need a veteran bridge to help them this, and maybe next, season. This is one reason that McNabb to the Vikings makes sense. It doesn't mean that the Vikings ultimately will trade for or sign him. It does mean that they will look into the possibility and it's as logical a landing spot as any other.

Q: Hey Adam, I was so excited to see the ruling yesterday, but what exactly does it mean? Are we close to having a football season? Can players report to their facilities? Can draft-day deals be made with players now?

-- Sam (D.C.)

A: Sam: Everyone is now waiting to see -- teams, coaches, players, agents, everyone. No one knows for sure, but depending on what Judge Nelson says Wednesday morning and what the 8th Circuit decides about the NFL's request for a stay, we could see free agency and trades soon -- possibly this week, but more likely next week. I wish I could answer more specifically -- but can't just yet.

Q: I recently heard Mel Kiper say that he would take A.J. Green with the No. 1 overall pick if he was the Carolina Panthers' GM and couldn't trade the pick. I know the Panthers have a lot of other holes to fill, but wouldn't a game-breaker opposite Steve Smith be critical for their offense's success?

-- Adam (Wash.)

A:They could use a game-breaker opposite Smith for sure, Adam, but there are a couple of things to point out. The first is that there are no assurances that Smith is going to be there this season, or when football begins. Carolina could look to trade him; there have been those whispers. So the Panthers might need another wide receiver even more than it appears today. But they also need help at so many other positions that the truth is they must take the player that they believe will be best for their franchise for the next 10 years, whether that's Cam Newton, Green, Marcell Dareus or Patrick Peterson.

Q: I know that my Denver Broncos have a ton of holes to fill, but why don't they take Patrick Peterson No. 2? It solves a lot of problems with Peterson and Champ Bailey as your two corners.

-- Bertrand (N.J.)

A: Tough to figure out Denver right now, Bertrand. It just re-signed Bailey and it has so many needs along the front seven that Dareus and Von Miller would be more logical picks. But Broncos coach John Fox loves Peterson -- thinks he's the best cornerback prospect to come out since Rod Woodson. And if a coach feels that strongly about a player, he's going to have to think long and hard about taking him at No. 2. It's just that Denver has needed so much help along the defensive line for so long, and it has been dying for a player such as Dareus, that it would be a mild upset if the Broncos passed on him.

Q: The San Diego Chargers could still have some WR depth issues, even after franchising Vincent Jackson. Do you think they will look to get another weapon for Philip Rivers or address some holes they have on defense in the draft?

-- Jesse (Calif.)

A: First and foremost, San Diego needs a pass rusher, Jesse -- some type of defensive end that can provide the type of pass rush that this team has lacked. The Chargers also need an inside linebacker with starters Stephen Cooper and Kevin Burnett both expected to be free agents. And San Diego also needs to upgrade at right tackle, something it has wanted to do for a while now. So yes, they will look to get Rivers some playmakers, but there are other more pressing needs first. The good part for the Chargers is that they now are scheduled to have five of the first 89 picks, so they could come away with some of the help they need -- and then some.