Why Cam Newton will be a top-10 pick

Cam Newton appears to have too much potential not to be a top-10 pick. AP Photo/Todd J. Van Emst

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Q: KC Joyner recently wrote two articles about why Cam Newton will struggle as an NFL quarterback and why he shouldn't even be a first-round pick. Do you agree with Joyner's points? Shouldn't a team draft Newton in the first round solely based on his potential?

-- Harry (Idaho)

A: Harry, no matter what KC or anyone else said, Newton is going to be a first-round pick, probably a top-10 pick. There just are too many teams that need quarterbacks and too many teams that will be tempted by his talents, which are vast. Now I will say that KC is very smart and his prognostications usually are very reliable. That doesn't ensure that Newton will struggle like KC predicts, but if KC says it, I believe it. Then again, there are enough teams that have similar questions about Cam and everyone knows with him that it's going to take time. He's not going to come in and play early on the way that Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman and Mark Sanchez did.

Q: It appears that the subdued optimism from the extension subsided quickly and the NFL is staring at a lockout. From what I understand, this could go all the way up to the season and even shorten the season. When do you think a deal will get done?

-- Diane (Calif.)

A: It's the $9 billion question, Diane. Right now, no one knows. A lot will depend on what the judge rules in regards to the injunction filed to stop the owners' lockout. If the injunction is granted, football's offseason would be back and the NFL would have to put rules into place -- most likely the rules from 2010, when there was no salary cap and the final eight playoff teams were restricted in what they could do during free agency. But if the injunction is not granted, then this will continue to wind its way through the courts and nobody would be able to accurately predict when we might see the game again.

Q: Adam, certain teams like the Green Bay Packers usually aren't very active in free agency so the lockout doesn't hurt them that much. What are the top three teams that are hurt the most by the lockout?

-- Donte (Conn.)

A: Donte: Any team with a new head coach or an uncertain quarterback situation is hurt some by this: San Francisco, Carolina, Tennessee and Washington to name a few. New coaches can't teach their systems to players during offseason workouts because there are no offseason workouts. And teams that need quarterbacks, or need to unload quarterbacks, can't do that because no player movement is currently allowed. Basically, it's one more blow for the teams that are struggling to fight their way back to respectability.

Q: Mark Ingram ran a better 40 time at his pro day than at the combine. Where do you think he'll land in the first round of the draft?

-- Sean (N.Y.)

A: He's a mid-to-late first-round pick, Sean. I don't watch much college football at all, but I will say that on the few instances I happened to watch Ingram, he reminded me so much of Emmitt Smith. And scouts also said some of the same things about Smith coming out of Florida that they're now saying about Ingram coming out of Alabama. I'd bet that if you looked over scouting reports on each, the words on one would apply to the other. But to me, Ingram will shine at the next level because he's just too driven not to succeed.

Q: I have heard that in a show of solidarity, some top NFL prospects may not show up to the NFL draft this year. Is there any truth to this? Wouldn't that make the draft a lot less exciting?

-- Patrick (Tenn.)

A: There has been that discussion, Patrick, but it's still a bit early to forecast exactly how this is going to work out. But I will say this: The NFL and NFL Players Association are not on the greatest terms right now. If the NFLPA held its incoming rookies away, would anyone be terribly surprised? I wouldn't. In fact, I would be more surprised if the union simply let them show up.