Can Jets trade Darrelle Revis?

Will the New York Jets be able to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis? Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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Q: Adam, Damontre Moore did not have a good combine. How much did he hurt his stock? Which other players saw their stocks drop?

-- Hubert (Kansas)

A: Let's just say this, Hubert: He didn't help himself much at the combine. He did only 12 reps on the bench -- three fewer than West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin -- and then he came up lame in his second 40-yard dash attempt. The interesting part was, before Moore even worked out for teams, I had somebody tell me to watch out for him, that they were not as impressed as some of the other scouts. So his performance there only validated some of the whispers.

Now, Moore will have a chance to work out at his pro day and interview with teams to prove he is worthy of being a first-round pick. But this was not the start that he wanted. As for others and their stock dropping, the biggest would be Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. He would have been the top defensive player picked in this draft were it not for his heart condition.

Q: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in desperate need at the cornerback position. They also have a lot of cap space. What are the chances the Bucs go after Darrelle Revis? Will the New York Jets trade him?

-- Billy (Nevada)

A: I might be alone here, Billy, but I view Revis as almost untradable. It's not that he's not good; it's the circumstances surrounding him. Any team that wants to trade for Revis is going to have to satisfy him with a new contract that makes him one of the highest -- if not the highest -- paid defensive player in the NFL. That's not going to be easy. Then the Jets are going to want back a handsome price for a player who has only one year left on his contract and is coming off a major knee injury. Most defensive backs never come back at the same level they were at before.

So what team is going to be willing to give Revis a contract north of $15 million per year, which deprives it of the ability to make moves with a handful of other key players, while surrendering that kind of compensation to the Jets? It would be great if the Jets could find a trade partner that could meet all those conditions -- they would love that. And why not? They would be able to get something back for a player who has health questions and is free to walk away from the team after next season. But it's hard to envision a scenario under which a Revis trade will work out. There will be no shortage of teams that would want to trade for Revis. But there will be an extreme shortage of teams that can make it happen.

Q: What is the latest on Star Lotulelei's heart condition? Is it something that can be taken care of or could he drop out of the first round all together?

-- Kevin (Texas)

A: That ties us to the first question, Kevin. What's going to happen is, he will undergo more testing this or next week. Teams will want to see those results and they're not going to make any decisions until they see those tests. This is potentially a serious deal and teams are going to be very careful, and Lotulelei needs to be very careful here.

Everyone can only hope that Lotulelei is OK as a person first, and as a football player second. But no matter how he tests out, this is going to affect his status. It's hard to envision him being the top defensive player picked in this draft now, the way it once appeared he might have been.

Q: Adam, what are the chances the San Diego Chargers go after a big-name receiver like Dwayne Bowe or a Greg Jennings? I feel like they really need one to help out a struggling Philip Rivers.

-- Calvin (Iowa)

A: My sense is the Chargers are viewing their offensive line as a bigger priority, Calvin. The smart teams and NFL personnel people know that you build from the inside out. And that's exactly what the Chargers need to do. San Diego has a free-agent guard, Louis Vasquez, who is going to be one of the biggest sleeper free agents out there.

San Diego will attempt to re-sign him before free agency begins, but if it doesn't get done, watch for Vasquez and Buffalo free-agent guard Andy Levitre to get big money. And here's the reason. There are so many teams around the league that need help at guard, and there aren't many quality guards available. Levitre and Vasquez could be the top two available at that position. At the very least, they're certainly creating plenty of buzz among NFL teams.