Michael Vick should be NFL MVP

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Q: I was watching Colin Cowherd on ESPNU and I heard your comments about the MVP. You said you would vote for Michael Vick -- but you also said Tom Brady was the most valuable to his team. Vick is a great player, but the Philadelphia Eagles also have Kevin Kolb. The New England Patriots have only Brady, who leads Vick in all passing stat categories. Vick is comeback player of the year but Brady is the MVP. Please reconsider your stand!

-- Mary (Mobile, Ala.)

A: You raise fair points, Mary. Brady is the best quarterback in the league, hands down. But Vick has been the best player. So who gets the MVP there? What you're saying is right -- the Eagles could win without Vick and the Patriots could not win without Brady, so that makes Brady more valuable. But Vick shouldn't lose the MVP award because he has a better backup quarterback than Brady. Vick has been the best player in the league this season -- as good as Brady has been, and he has been off the charts.

Q: This has been a complete waste of a season for the Dallas Cowboys. But do you think Jason Garrett is the guy to lead the team going forward? I wouldn't blame Jerry Jones for completely cleaning house.

-- Brandon (Plano, Texas)

A: Heading into Saturday night, I really thought Garrett would be the guy, Brandon. Jones had begun dropping hints around the league that Garrett would be his guy. But if the Cowboys lose their final two games of the season to the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles, that is going to hurt Garrett's chances, as crazy as that seems to me. Clearly the Cowboys played a better brand of football under Garrett. He has proved he deserves a chance. But with two losses to end the season -- assuming Dallas loses to Philadelphia -- Jones is going to have a tough decision.

Q: Since the start of the Dimitroff/Smith/Ryan era in Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons have signed one big free agent per offseason (Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez and Dunta Robinson). What position do you think the Falcons will try to address in free agency this offseason, and who might be available for them to go after?

-- Josh (Auburn, Ala.)

A: Josh, the Falcons have some major questions along their offensive line. That's the position that is going to draw the attention of the front office this offseason. They need to re-sign some of their own, draft some more players there and make sure that Matt Ryan -- the most important person in the organization -- is protected for years to come.

Q: So it seems Tim Tebow is up to the task of quarterbacking an NFL team. Do you think the Denver Broncos look to move Kyle Orton for better draft position or some young talent to fill out their defense? Or is Tebow still too much of an unknown commodity to part ways with a proven backup QB?

-- Noah (Indianapolis)

A: As impressive as Tebow was Sunday, Noah, we still don't know. John Elway is expected to move into the front office, but the Broncos still don't know whether they will be hiring another front-office member. And they don't know who will be coaching. And until their front office and coaching staffs are set, it's impossible to say whether next season's starter will be Tebow or Orton. They'll have options. But the men that are brought aboard will make the final call. Something tells me both will be there next year, but that's just a guess.

Q: Where do you see the Minnesota Vikings going with their QB and head coach situations? Do they have a chance of landing Bill Cowher? And is Donovan McNabb a good fit for this team?

-- Anthony (Temecula, Calif.)

A: Leslie Frazier would be the smart and inspired choice for head coach, Anthony. But Minnesota still has to sift through candidates, weigh its options and then make a decision. As for quarterbacks, McNabb makes sense to me there. Minnesota could use McNabb as much as he could use the Vikings. They'll have the salary slot for him, with Favre's contract expiring, and that would be a nice short-term solution.