NFL's biggest offseason rumors

Ryan Mallett could be a valuable trade piece for the New England Patriots. AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Adam Schefter answers reader questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL season. Got a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: What are the chances the New England Patriots trade Ryan Mallett? What about acquire Charles Woodson?

-- Leslie (Oklahoma)

A: New England is in a good spot, Leslie. For starters, it has salary-cap flexibility. If it wants to make a move for a veteran defensive back such as Woodson or Ed Reed, it is in position to do it. New England will upgrade its defense in some way, and my sense is the Patriots believe in Mallett more than other teams do right now. New England has watched him in practice and really been impressed. Even Brian Daboll, who left Kansas City and joined the Patriots in the postseason, recognized that Mallett could have won the starting job with the Chiefs -- and with other NFL franchises.

Q: Adam, I am a little worried that the Minnesota Vikings will trade Percy Harvin and get nothing back (like what happened with Randy Moss). What are your sources telling you? Is he more likely to stay or go right now?

-- Kelsey (Minnesota)

A: Kelsey: For starters, I don't see the Vikings trading Harvin -- even Rick Spielman said last week there is "no intent" to make that deal. Second, if they do trade him and they don't get premium value for one the league's top playmakers, then they would be out of their minds. Minnesota spent last offseason trying to find another wide receiver. It felt it was one of its weakest positions. Why would a team weak in a spot completely deplete the area?

Q: Hi Adam, is there any chance the Arizona Cardinals trade Larry Fitzgerald? It's a shame to keep him here wasting away his best years and I think the Cards might be able to pick up some valuable picks for a rebuild.

-- Duane (Arizona)

A: They are wasting his prime years, Duane, but there's not a lot either side can do. Fitzgerald took record-breaking money knowing that he could be in a situation like this and Arizona guaranteed him so much money that it can't deal him. There are worse situations than to be "stuck" with Fitzgerald. But Arizona must find a quarterback so Fitzgerald can continue to be the difference-maker he can potentially be.

Q: Where do you see as the most likely landing spot for Dwayne Bowe? Minnesota? Miami? Will he stay in Kansas City?

-- Jacob (D.C.)

A: Kansas City has to make a push to keep him, Jacob, and it is. But if the Chiefs fail to re-sign him and don't tag him -- two really big ifs -- then the Vikings and Dolphins each would figure to be interested. But it's hard to see Kansas City watching a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver just walk out the door.

Q: Adam, are the New York Jets still in the market for a quarterback or are they sticking with Mark Sanchez? What about Matt Flynn or Alex Smith for them?

-- Patrick (Connecticut)

A: They're still in the quarterback market, Patrick, but the problem is that there aren't a lot of options. Flynn is a quality backup quarterback but it would be hard to count on him as a starter. Smith's contract as it is would be a bit pricey to bring aboard with Sanchez's contract being what it is. As much as Jets fans don't want to hear it, they're stuck with Sanchez for now. There aren't a lot of great options out there for a team that needs its draft picks and has some salary cap constraints, even after several veteran cuts.