Chargers can still be a top AFC team

Philip Rivers and the Chargers could very well come out on top of the division. Bob Levey/Getty Images

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Q: What chances do you give the San Diego Chargers to win the AFC West this year? Their remaining games are all in division except for trips to Indy and Cincy and a home game against the 49ers. Are they primed for another November and December run?

-- Jimmy (Mission Beach, Calif.)

A: Looks that way, Jimmy. Do you realize that they have never lost a regular-season game in December under Norv Turner? If that holds up again, this team should win this division. It is set up perfectly. And it is so balanced on offense and defense. The problem has been special teams. If the Chargers can stop the bleeding there, they're not only the team to beat in the AFC West, but one of the top teams in the AFC.

Q: With the NFL possibly going to an 18-game schedule, could the league start playing neutral site games? Wouldn't it be good for the league to have teams play in cities and stadiums where fans would not likely see those teams?

-- Ben (Corpus Christi, Texas)

A: Ben, they've talked about an arrangement like this, by which more games would be played internationally: maybe more in Europe, maybe one in Mexico, maybe one in Canada. There are a lot of issues to address with it, and it's down the line. First up is the collective bargaining agreement. Nothing is getting done or worked on until that gets done. But what you're proposing is something the NFL will kick around in the future.

Q: With my Houston Texans suffering another heartbreaking defeat, is there any way this team can rebound emotionally or is it headed for another disappointing season?

-- Jerome (Houston)

A: It doesn't look good right now, Jerome. The defense doesn't seem capable of coming up with the stop when it is needed. It didn't against Jacksonville, and it didn't against the New York Jets. This team is good and dangerous, but it also has been frustrating to watch, because it has not taken the step forward this season that some expected. This team has been known to get on runs down the stretch, and it could again. Just wonder if the defense can hold up its end of the bargain and help make it happen.

Q: How come no one is talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars? They are right in the middle of the AFC South division race, and in a year where the Indianapolis Colts have been hurt by injuries and Vince Young seems injured every week, can't they win that division?

-- Tim (Gainesville, Fla.)

A: What do you mean right in the middle of the AFC South race, Tim? They're in FIRST PLACE. Who would have thought that, going into Thanksgiving week, the Jaguars would be in first place? It's one of the more incredible stories of this improbable season. Now the challenge will be keeping it up. But keep in mind, Jacksonville already beat the Colts once. If it does it again, the Jaguars will be the favorites to win the AFC South.

Q: Do you think Auburn QB Cam Newton has a bright future in the NFL? And do you think he would be a good fit for the Minnesota Vikings to draft?

-- Adam (Minnesota)

A: Adam, I'll be honest -- the quarterbacks that I've heard the most about so far are Andrew Luck from Stanford, Jake Locker from Washington and Ryan Mallett from Arkansas. As for the other quarterbacks, I have not checked around as much yet. Been too immersed in Randy Moss madness, Brett Favre drama, Brad Childress and Wade Phillips watches and all the other NFL storylines. Don't immerse myself in scouting reports of prospects until about mid-February. But the little I've seen of Cam Newton has been impressive, and it looks like he could be a fit in a lot of places. And Minnesota is going to need to find somebody.