Will Joe Flacco get a big contract?

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens are one win away from a Super Bowl title. Al Bello/Getty Images

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Q: The Atlanta Falcons could lose William Moore and Brent Grimes. How do you think they will approach free agency? Can they re-sign both or franchise one? Thanks!

-- Hank (Georgia)

A: It's tough to franchise Grimes coming off the Achilles injury, Hank, but Moore would be a prime candidate for a franchise tag. For starters, safety franchise tags are very affordable and it would ensure that Atlanta would get to retain a player that meant an awful lot to its secondary. The Falcons would like to bring back Grimes, but he's coming off a significant injury that will prevent Atlanta and others from rewarding him with the type of contract he could have gotten if he was healthy. Grimes might look to sign a one-year deal worth a decent amount of money, which allows him the chance to get back to playing and proving he is worth the big money he could have gotten.

Q: Is it a foregone conclusion that Joe Flacco will sign a long-term deal with the Baltimore Ravens? Who do you like to win the Super Bowl?

-- Ken (D.C.)

A: Eventually he will sign that long-term deal with Baltimore, Ken. The foregone conclusion is that he will return to Baltimore next season, because if the two sides can't get a long-term deal done the Ravens can always use their franchise tag on Flacco -- he's not going anywhere. What's less certain is who wins Sunday. It's going to come down to turnovers. And who can predict which team is going to hold on to the football? My hunch is San Francisco is the more complete, less flawed team, so I'm picking the 49ers. But I do not feel confident about the pick and will not be surprised in the slightest if Baltimore wins.

Q: Adam, what do you envision the Tampa Bay Buccaneers doing this offseason? They could have $40 million in cap room. What do you make of Josh Freeman potentially being the long-term answer at QB for the Bucs?

-- Steve (West Virginia)

A: It's hard to make anything of Freeman being the long-term answer right now, Steve, since Tampa Bay doesn't have to make any decisions on him yet. Freeman's situation to me is similar to Flacco's a year ago: Flacco was headed into the last year of his deal, as Freeman now will be. Flacco proved he was worth a big new contract and Freeman will have to do the same. If he does, Tampa Bay will have no problem rewarding him. But if he continues to be inconsistent, Tampa Bay should hold on to him until it can find a better alternative.

Q: Is there any chance a team with a read-option picks up Tim Tebow to play wishbone alongside their QBs?

-- Dee (Hong Kong)

A: It's tough to find a logical landing spot for Tebow these days, Dee. Now as the offseason unfolds and quarterbacks move, openings pop up and the playing field changes. But right now, with Jacksonville pulling out, it's tough to find a spot that makes a lot of sense. Right now, there is not exactly a plethora of teams lining up for Tebow's services -- but all it takes is one.

Q: I am a New England Patriots fan and a Danny Amendola fan. I was wondering how probable the rumors are that Amendola might replace Wes Welker in New England?

-- Joshua (Michigan)

A: It's definitely possible, Joshua. Amendola is a poor man's, younger, cheaper Welker. If New England can't re-sign Welker, it would not be surprising in the least if the Patriots made a run at Amendola. You're not the first person who has thought of and made this connection, and it could pick up more speed and momentum in March.