Dallas Cowboys NFC East's biggest threat

In a wide open division, the Cowboys just might end up on top in December. Bob Levey/Getty Images

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Q: Who do you think will end up taking the NFC East this year? No one team seems to be head and shoulders above any of the other three.

-- Casey (Largo, Fla.)

A: Very intriguing division, Casey, and not in the way that many expected. It used to be that this division had some of the league's preeminent teams -- and it still might. But early on, each has looked vulnerable, and not one has stood out above the others. Dallas still has the most individual talent, but this doesn't clinch the division for the Cowboys. The Philadelphia Eagles are fighting the injury bug. The New York Giants looked more like the Giants of old Sunday night. And the Washington Redskins still have won as many games as any team in the division. So it looks fairly wide open, with the Dallas Cowboys still being the most dangerous team in the division.

Q: How do you think the return of Santonio Holmes will impact the New York Jets' offense? Is he the No. 1 wideout right off the bat?

-- Donnie (West Hempstead, N.Y.)

A: Donnie, anyone that watched the Jets in training camp knows how the team felt about Holmes. At one point, coach Rex Ryan was heard saying on "Hard Knocks" that Holmes was the team's best offensive player. The Jets clearly were enamored with him. What it has to caution against Monday night is forcing the football to him, because it is so excited to have him back. But Holmes is going to add a big-time playmaking element to an already dangerous team -- that much is undeniable.

Q: If you had to guess, which team will have the No. 1 pick in next year's draft? I don't think the San Francisco 49ers are nearly as bad as their record indicates, and the Detroit Lions could be good soon, but the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers are just awful.

-- Patrick (Austin, Texas)

A: Based on the first four weeks of the season, and what each coach has said, I'd say Buffalo is the favorite. Bills coach Chan Gailey was highly critical of his team Sunday, and deservedly so. Detroit has shown some promise, San Francisco will come back some and Carolina played the Bengals and Saints tough. Right now -- and the season has so many ebbs and flows, so a lot can change -- it looks like Buffalo is the leader to be on the clock once we hit January.

Q: With the Indianapolis Colts dropping two games early, is this the year the Houston Texans finally get over the hump, live up to expectations and take the division?

-- Sheryl (Houston)

A: It's there for them, Sheryl. Not only has Indy lost two games early, but it has lost two division games early. Those are even more significant. So as long as Houston takes care of its business in its division, it has a good chance. But let's be honest. It's rare that another team knocks out the Colts and Peyton Manning from the AFC South perch, like the Tennessee Titans did a couple of seasons ago. It's sort of like knocking out the champ -- easy to picture it, much tougher to do.

Q: What do you attribute the early-season success of the Kansas City Chiefs to? And coming off a bye week, can they keep their momentum going, or are they going to be just like last year's Denver Broncos?

-- Chuck (Chicago)

A: They can be like last year's Broncos, Chuck, but this team is capable of sustaining its success. It has some good young talent and a lot of speed. Not sure if there's another team in the league with a trio as fast as Kansas City's Jamaal Charles, Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas. The Chiefs can hit a home run any time. They have won with good special teams, solid defense and big plays. If Kansas City can continue playing with those elements, the Chiefs will finish stronger than the Broncos last season. This is so much a game of health, confidence and momentum, and right now, Kansas City has all three. But it's a long season. Trick is to keep it going for 13 more games.