Vick, Steelers the NFL's best of September

Michael Vick's taken control as the starting QB in Philly, but does that make Kevin Kolb expendable? Doug Benc/Getty Images

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Q: Wouldn't it make sense to try and trade Kevin Kolb at this point? Michael Vick has proven he has a lot of life left in his legs and his arm. Is there any reason he can't be the QB in Philly for the next five years?

-- Adrian (Oak Park, Ill.)

A: Adrian, It doesn't make any sense to trade Kevin Kolb right now. If a team were going to trade a first-round pick for him, they would trade the same first-round pick for him after the season -- plus Philadelphia would have Kolb as an insurance policy for all of this season. So if they wait, the Eagles still can get back as much compensation after the season as they could during it. Plus, no one knows how Michael Vick will fare over the course of a full season, though he has looked fantastic early on -- the MVP of September. But also keep in mind that the Eagles have Kolb under contract next season for $1.4 million -- it's an issue we wrote about in last Friday's 10 Spot. The financial numbers make it a no-brainer for the Eagles to hold on to Kolb -- unless some team blows them away with an offer.

Q: Adam, what are some real expectations for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year? With Ben Roethlisberger coming back after next week, is Pittsburgh considered to be a favorite in the AFC?

-- Matt (Pasadena, Calif.)

A: Matt, anybody who has watched the Steelers through the first three weeks knows exactly how they have won: a suffocating defense, a strong rushing offense and some big plays, the recipe that has helped this franchise win six Super Bowls. And they've won early on without their best offensive player, Ben Roethlisberger. His return will mean for this offense what Troy Polamalu's return has meant to the defense. If injuries don't derail them, the Steelers are a favorite to reach and win the Super Bowl.

Q: Is Bill Cowher still on the Carolina Panthers' radar? Do you feel a coaching change for the Panthers is coming?

-- Clay (Rocky Point, N.C.)

A: Don't see Bill Cowher in Carolina, Clay. Do see Cowher returning to coaching, but don't see the Panthers spending the money it will take to get him there. Plus, when Cowher returns to coaching, he is going to get to pick his organization as much as it picks him. He is going to go to a place where he can bring in his people and spend what he needs. It could turn out to be Carolina. But that's not where I'd guess he'd wind up at this point. Jerome Bettis keeps linking Cowher to the New York Giants, and that makes a bit more sense than Carolina if that team decided to force out Tom Coughlin -- who still is a first-rate coach, in my opinion.

Q: Will the San Francisco 49ers get better when Ted Ginn Jr. returns? Is it time for them to (A) put in David Carr (B) hire a new coach or (C) go back to the West Coast offense? I'm a fan who's about to give up and move on to the New York Jets. Please help.

-- Dave (Los Angeles)

A: Dave, if you're pinning your hopes to Ted Ginn Jr. and David Carr, I sense you're going to be in for a real disappointment. Here's where to pin your hopes if you're a 49ers fan: They play in the worst division in football. Even though San Francisco opened 0-3, the 49ers could go 7-6 down the stretch and still come away as the NFC West champs. So it's not going to take a lot, but something tells me what they need won't be coming from Ginn and Carr. And if you want to root for the Jets, Dave, I will say this: they are a soap opera well worth watching.

Q: Have you ever seen so much parity in the league before? After Week 3 there are barely any undefeated teams with none really looking truly dominant. Looks like '72 Dolphins will be popping their corks pretty early this year.

-- Phil (Fairfax, Va.)

A: Phil, there has been parity in the league every year. Don't think this year is that much different. It's just that this year there is the absence of unbeaten teams. Right now there are only three -- Pittsburgh, Chicago and Kansas City. Some of the teams that people thought could pull off a long run -- the New Orleans Saints, the Indianapolis Colts, the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers -- have not. They have disappointed at least once this season. But this is how the league is, every year. It's one reason the sport is so popular.