New Bills regime will showcase Spiller

Don't be surprised to see C.J. Spiller on display a lot this year in Buffalo. Kevin Hoffman/US Presswire

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Q: What do you make of the Buffalo Bills RB situation? C.J. Spiller looks great, but I imagine he still has a lot to learn, and we might be better off with Fred Jackson for the time being.

-- Keith (Buffalo, N.Y.)

A: Keith, Buffalo is fortunate to have three talented backs. Jackson gained more total yards last year than anyone else in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch is a talent and Spiller was the new regime's first first-round pick. The Bills have a lot riding on Spiller and are going to do whatever they can to make him look good -- and he's good enough to make them look very good. There will be roles for Jackson and Lynch, but it will not surprise me if Spiller has a bigger role than people think.

Q: Since the Cincinnati Bengals cut Antonio Bryant, do you think Matt Jones has a good chance of making the team/succeeding? And what are you hearing about Jordan Shipley's potential impact?

-- Jay (Piedmont, Ala.)

A: Jay, Shipley is the receiver that has a bright future in Cincinnati. The team really likes him. He is going to be an excellent slot receiver in this league. Some have compared him to Wes Welker, which sounds a bit ambitious now, but it gives you an idea of the type of receiver that the Bengals hope Shipley can be. As for Jones, I still think he's on the roster bubble. There are lots of good young wideouts in Cincy and roster spots are at a premium. But Jones is a talent.

Q: With the Oakland Raiders upgrading tremendously at QB, to go with a staunch running game, what are the odds we take the AFC West? Is it plausible for Oakland to pick up Vincent Jackson? We need WR help badly. Especially if Chaz Schilens is out after knee surgery.

-- John (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

A: Hard to imagine the San Diego Chargers trading Jackson within the AFC West, John, but the Philadelphia Eagles dealt a quarterback in their division, so you never know. Even without Jackson, I expect Oakland to have a better year this year and to be more competitive than it has been in recent seasons. I think second place is attainable. But to overtake San Diego is asking a lot. But that's why they play the games.

Q: My internet connection just dropped in the middle of my fantasy draft and ESPN auto-picked Knowshon Moreno for me. I was livid. Was I overreacting, or is Knowshon's injury not nearly as serious as I think it is?

-- Brent (Austin, Texas)

A: Brent, Knowshon says he's 80 percent, and when he's 100 percent, he's dangerous. He should have a good year, but it's hard not to worry about a running back's hamstring going into the season when it's not right. He's damaged goods for now. But if he gets healthy, the auto pick did you a favor. If not, fire it!

Q: How do you foresee this Vincent Jackson drama playing out? Can he or the Chargers really afford to have him miss the first six games of the season?

-- Jared (San Francisco)

A: Jared, my sense is Jackson is going to miss more than that. Each side seems entrenched and I don't see either budging. If the Chargers have Jackson at all this season, it should be considered a victory, especially with his three-game suspension.