Gaither trade to Bills no longer feasible

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Q: Do you think the Buffalo Bills are gonna get the trade done for Jared Gaither? If not, are they gonna go after a Jammal Brown or even a Flozell Adams for a stopgap to teach some of our young prospects?

-- Frank (Staten Island, N.Y.)

A: Frank, talks for Gaither have cooled off dramatically. No longer is it feasible to expect that trade to get done. The sides talked but are too far apart in agreeing to terms. It doesn't mean it won't one day get done, but it's not close to getting done now, and there are serious reservations that it ever will. So, that leaves Buffalo looking elsewhere, and it's a tough spot. To a certain extent, Brown can help dictate where he will go because if he refuses to sign a long-term deal, a team will be hesitant to trade for him. Adams is on the market at this time of year for a reason. There are no surefire solutions other than the draft. And the Bills believed it was more important to go with running back C.J. Spiller, who should be a great NFL player.

Q: Who would you consider to be the No. 1 overall running back for fantasy football this year after the draft? I would draft Frank Gore as my first-round pick due to the tremendous upgrade to the San Francisco 49ers offensive line.

-- jstakeout (El Paso, Texas)

A: Good question, jstakeout, one I've wondered about myself. Gore is a good choice, right up there. And so is Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Those are three safe picks to me. But I still think that anyone with a top-two pick has to take either Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. How can you pass up either one of those guys if you have the chance? Johnson's contract status is a little troubling to me, so that might push him behind Peterson a bit. Guess if I had the No. 1 pick, I'd go Peterson. But any of those backs are solid selections.

Q: Any updates on the Terrell Owens front? Is it possible he doesn't sign with anyone this season?

-- Jonathan (Seattle)

A: Jonathan, hard to imagine he doesn't sign with anyone. At some point this summer, some team is going to lose a wide receiver to injury and need a replacement. And there still is plenty of time before camp -- almost two full months. So T.O. will be somewhere. Question is where. And other than whether Brett Favre will or won't return, it's one of the biggest offseason questions left.

Q: Why have the Atlanta Falcons been so quiet upgrading their defense and getting a second WR? I think Sean Weatherspoon will be great, but their DBs are still lacking, even with the Dunta Robinson pick up. Also, Michael Jenkins is just not going to cut it as a second WR. What are your thoughts on the Falcons moves thus far?

-- Lee (Rye Brook, N.Y.)

A: Lee, first of all, deep breath. It's going to be fine -- better than fine. Atlanta will be one of the league's bounce-back teams this year. The Falcons are just too good. Don't disagree on your Jenkins point, but remember, Harry Douglas should be back this season, and that will help. Defensively, the Falcons have done what they can -- and they also get back their top two picks from last season, Peria Jerry and William Moore, so those two should be bonuses. Every team has questions -- Atlanta's no different. But I think the Falcons have positioned themselves to have a good season.

Q: I'm a New York Jets fan and I love Darrelle Revis. He is the best cornerback in the league, but is that really a position where you want to spend more than $20 million a year in a long-term deal? I can see paying a QB or a franchise RB that money, but could a CB really be worth that much?

-- Julian (Elizabeth, N.J.)

A: For starters, Julian, Revis has said he is not asking for $20 million per season. But I can guess the neighborhood he's going to want to be in. Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will make $16 million this season. It's not hard to figure out that Revis is going to want to be in that neighborhood -- not to mention the highest-paid cornerback in the game. And I can tell you this: If the Jets don't want to pay Revis, other teams happily would. He's going to get his money, whether it's $16 million, $17 million or $18 million per season. And there's a reason Jets fans are paying for all those PSLs -- so their team can pay its star players.