Give the Jags the benefit of the doubt

Adam Schefter often answers reader questions in his blog. Have a query of your own? Submit it right here.

Q: In your mind who had the worst draft? It's hard for me to argue against the Jacksonville Jaguars. For starters, whiffing on that No. 10 pick really hurt.

-- David (Jacksonville)

A: David, Tyson Alualu was a good pick -- just not at No. 10. Jacksonville likely could have traded back, moved to another team's spot, and gotten Alualu then. But there's also something to be said for the fact that, if you love a player, better stay where you are and ensure that you get him. If Alualu turns into a star, Jacksonville will be lauded. If he doesn't, it will be criticized. This draft has some picks that could be second-guessed. But for now, Jacksonville deserves time.

Q: What are the chances that the Buffalo Bills will pick up veteran help on the O-line? I think it would make any of our QBs look a lot better. Bills fans deserve more.

-- John (Oriskany, N.Y.)

A: John, problem is there aren't too many out there (Flozell Adams, Alan Faneca). And if you're a veteran, and you've got one more chance at winning a Super Bowl, is Buffalo your choice? There aren't many worthy veteran offensive linemen out there. To find one willing to spend his last season with the Bills makes it even more challenging.

Q: Does the drafting of Patrick Robinson in the first round signal the New Orleans Saints' intentions to shift Malcolm Jenkins to safety, thus meaning they believe they will not be resigning Darren Sharper?

Justin (Covington, La.)

A: Justin, Robinson was someone the Saints liked, just like they liked cornerback Tracy Porter. So their judgment on corners has been pretty good. And getting Robinson gives them options -- Jenkins to safety being one. But Sharper might not have many options, and if he doesn't, the Saints would welcome him back and have more good defensive backs.

Q: I really think the Carolina Panthers got the steal of the draft in getting Clausen at 48th overall. Were you shocked he didn't go higher, or is there something we don't know about that made teams go cold on him?

Ty (Indianapolis)

A: Ty, I saw Jimmy sliding to late in the first round and said so on "Mike & Mike" on Thursday. Even got an angry text from a friend of his. Then when the draft ended, the same friend texted me again, saying, "See, you were wrong about him going in bottom of first. He fell further!" To me, teams liked Clausen, just not enough to draft him over some other highly rated players. And there weren't a lot of quarterback-needy teams. But teams that needed one -- Cleveland, Buffalo, Oakland -- had other needs at other positions. So Clausen went later -- and could be one of the steals of this draft.

Q: It seemed like everyone was drafting DTs this year in the early rounds. Do you think that's more because of the level of talent that was available at the position this year, or are teams recognizing DT as a more vital position in today's NFL?

-- Mark (Los Angeles)

Q: David, there were talented linemen such as Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, and those aren't easy to find. But this draft had more defensive tackles than usual, and teams gobbled them up. They know how valuable run-stuffers can be, especially ones who can get some push in the middle on pass-rushing downs. The position is what it was when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Mean Joe Greene: very important.