Bradford has advantage in Rams talks

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Q: With a lockout looming for 2011, do you think teams will play more hardball with incoming rookie contracts? In theory, to sit out this coming season would effectively mean sitting out the next one as well. The fact that St. Louis said they won't sign Sam Bradford makes me think this could be the year they finally get those top end pick contracts under control.

-- Brendan (Phoenix)

A: Brendan, St. Louis and Bradford not getting a deal done before the draft has nothing to do with 2011. It has to do with each side believing it can get a better deal later, and both sides being willing to wait. When Jake Long signed five days before the draft, he knew that if he didn't go No. 1 he could have slipped out of the top five. Same was true last year with Matthew Stafford. Sam Bradford believes someone -- Cleveland, Washington, Seattle -- will trade up to get him and he won't fall far. So each side believes it is right; it has nothing to do with 2011. And besides, when was the last time a rookie held out and missed a full season? Think it was quarterback Kelly Stouffer, a long time ago. All these deals eventually get done -- and this year won't be any different.

Q: Do you think the Dallas Cowboys are better served by drafting a player like Dez Bryant at wide receiver rather than a potential starter at the tackle position?

-- Randy (San Diego)

A: Randy, the key is not forcing anything. If there's an offensive tackle that is high on Dallas' board and he falls to them, then that would be a logical pick. If Dez is there, that too would make sense. But there is no chance Bryant will fall to them at No. 27; I promise you that. Now, Dallas could decide to trade up if Bryant falls into the 20s. But he won't get to them at No. 27, so that's the end of that issue.

Q: Do you see Osi Umenyiora on the New York Giants this season?

-- Damacoy (Montclair, N.J.)

A: Tough one, Damacoy. Got players texting me with the same question. And my honest answer is: I don't know, and I don't know that the Giants know for sure. A lot could depend on what happens on draft day. If they can get a pass-rusher in the top two rounds, it opens the door for a potential deal for Osi. Think it's certainly in play, but no certainty it gets done. Wish I could be more definitive for you, Damacoy, but at this time, I can't.

Q: Detroit Lions fan here in Minnesota Vikings territory. With Martin Mayhew as secretive as he is, is there any possibility of the following scenario happening next Thursday? Detroit trading the No. 2 to San Fran for No. 13 and No. 17?

-- Jason (Minneapolis)

A: Jason, Detroit would love to move back, but I don't know if the Lions would want to go back that far. And I don't know that SF would be willing to give up its two picks to have to pay the contract that's going to come along with the No. 2 overall pick. That's the problem with some of these picks. It's not that teams don't see players they want. It's that they see contracts they don't want. Anyone drafted No. 2 is going to get guaranteed money somewhere in the range of $40 million. And that's the hang-up: the money. It's why Detroit, Tampa, Washington, Kansas City have had a hard time finding trade partners to come up.

Q: If you were the coach in Denver, would you have run out Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler? Is Cutler not better than Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn?

-- Shawn (Gillette, Wyo.)

A: Not that simple, Shawn. Two different deals. With Cutler, there were some hurt feelings that contributed to a situation that deteriorated. A trade had to happen. With Marshall, Denver never intended to give him the long-term contract he wanted, which made a divorce inevitable. It's not that Josh McDaniels ran both out players. The Broncos made decisions on what was best for them. They got back lots of picks for Cutler and Marshall. If they make those picks count, then it will turn out for the better. If not, there will be disappointed Denver fans like yourself.