Ravens not finished bolstering receiver corps

During the NFL offseason, Adam Schefter will be answering reader questions each Monday and Friday. Below, he fields a few offseason personnel queries. Have a question you'd like to ask Adam? Submit it right here.

Q: While I see Donte' Stallworth as a valuable No. 2 receiver, do you still see Ozzie Newsome targeting a big play guy via the draft or free agency? Terrell Owens maybe for a 2 year deal?

-- Greg (Owings Mills, Md.)

A: Good questions, Greg. I'm fully expecting Baltimore to make another move at wide receiver, this time for a big-time target. Maybe Brandon Marshall, maybe Anquan Boldin, maybe Terrell Owens. But somebody. The Ravens know they need to upgrade their wide receivers. And maybe if the price for one of those free agents becomes too high, they simply will wind up drafting one in the first round. But by the end of the draft, the Ravens will have added another high-profile wide receiver.

Q: Where do you see Julius Peppers ending up when all is said and done? I think he could have the biggest impact, and the best chance for a Super Bowl, in New England. But that's not really the Pats' style to spend a lot of cash on big name FAs, especially in a year they have to worry about Vince Wilfork.

-- Leland (Boston)

A: Leland, Peppers is going to be the most coveted free agent available. He'd fit in well anywhere -- let's start with that. But then there are a handful of teams that make more sense than others. New England would be a great spot for him, obviously. Atlanta would make some sense. Washington could field a phenomenal front with Peppers in it. And Cleveland might be willing to spend whatever it takes to bring in Peppers. Remember, Mike Holmgren was in Green Bay when the Packers brought in Reggie White. But Peppers gets the chance to be a little selective. Put yourself in his cleats. If you were Julius Peppers and you had made plenty of money during the course of your career, where would you want to play?

Q: I'm a pretty substantial Buffalo Bills fan, and I'm wondering what you think the new regime is intending to do in the draft. Do you see them going after a franchise QB like Clausen or Bradford, should one fall to No. 9, or do you see an offensive or defensive tackle as more likely?

-- Jesse (Albany, N.Y.)

A: More good questions, Jesse. There's nothing more valuable than a quarterback, and my strong sense is that by the time Buffalo's turn rolls around in the first round, Sam Bradford will be gone and Jimmy Clausen might be there. But there's nothing wrong with Buffalo trying to rebuild its roster from the inside out, going for the top-rated offensive lineman in that spot. Because whoever is playing quarterback is going to have to get better protection. I expect Buffalo to be busy this offseason. I'm looking for signings and a trade or two.

Q: If the New Orleans Saints were to not pick up the option on Reggie Bush, where do you see him landing? Would he be expensive? And would I want him on my favorite team?

-- Geoffrey (Stratham, N.H.)

A: Geoffrey, Bush isn't going anywhere but back to New Orleans. The two sides need each other. And it's not an option in Bush's contract. He has two years left at $8 million in 2010 and $11 million in 2011. The two sides might want to redo the deal to soften the blow the next couple of seasons, but Bush has more value to the Saints than he does elsewhere, and the Saints know how to use Bush. So look for that marriage to continue.

Q: I'm a big-time New York Jets fan and I was wondering, looking into next year, do you think the team brings back Thomas Jones or gives the load to that beast in waiting, Shonn Greene? If they do part ways with Jones, do you think they trade him or flat out release him?

-- Gavin (Bronx, N.Y.)

A: Gavin, Jones has a $2 million option bonus payment that the Jets must decide to pick up by early next month. My understanding is they've gone back and forth on it -- one day they believe they should pick it up, and the next day they wonder whether it's the right thing to do. However it shakes out, I do believe that Greene will have an even more prominent role in the Jets' offense next season. New York knows it has a superb young running back in Greene, and it will get him the ball.