Latest NFL coaching rumors

Andy Reid is one of several coaches who are currently on the hot seat. Icon SMI

Adam Schefter answers reader questions in his mailbag on Wednesdays during the NFL season. Got a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: I know Mike Holmgren shot down the rumors of going to Dallas. But do you think there's a chance he coaches somewhere next season? What about Jon Gruden?

-- Jacob (Arizona)

A: Gruden is more likely than Holmgren, Jacob. I'm not going to say Holmgren won't coach next season, but I just don't see it right now. I see him taking time, taking his money from the Cleveland Browns and spending time with his family. Maybe one day he will have the itch to return to coaching, but it's hard to imagine that next season. And then, the longer he's away from the game, the more challenging it might be to return. As for Gruden, he's a coach. He's a great analyst, and I hope he stays doing what he does. But it would be surprising if there weren't teams that didn't try to entice him to return to the sidelines from the TV booth. It puts Gruden in a great spot. He can continue with his great TV job or take one of those 32 head coaching jobs.

Q: If Andy Reid gets fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are some possible candidates to replace him?

-- Adam (Nevada)

A: You're asking the same question that the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about on Sunday, Adam. At this point, it's sheer speculation and nothing more. But some of the candidates that the newspaper listed are logical: Jon Gruden, Chip Kelly and Josh McDaniels. If the Eagles make the decision that they want to replace someone as successful as Reid -- no matter how much many Philadelphia fans want it -- they had better make sure they come up with the next Mike Tomlin-like coach. Reid will be tougher to replace than many Eagles fans realize. The Eagles don't know whom they would hire yet, but it would be one of the most closely watched searches, should Philadelphia decide to undertake it.

Q: Adam, if Rashad Jennings continues to produce for the Jacksonville Jaguars, what is the likelihood the team will try and move Maurice Jones-Drew and get value for him while they still can?

-- Matthew (Connecticut)

A: I don't think it has much to do with Jennings proving he can or can't play, Matthew. Trading Jones-Drew would be an organizational decision that the team is unwilling to pay him and is better off moving on and getting back compensation. He's their one marquee player at this point, and the team struggles to win and sell tickets enough as it is. The owner would have to decide that Jacksonville is better off getting back a couple of second-round picks -- if the Jaguars could get that much -- and moving ahead with other young players. I won't say it can't happen, but it's hard to see it going that way.

Q: Adam, I have two questions about the New York Jets. First, isn't it time to start Tim Tebow? Mark Sanchez looks terrible. Second, if the Jets continue on the pace that they are on and receive a top-10 draft pick, what position should they target? Thanks!

-- Tommy (South Dakota)

A: The two questions tie in together to me, Tommy. First off, if the Jets decide to move on from Sanchez this season, they move on from him for good, which some people around the league do not believe is a wise course of action at this point. Do you believe that Tebow is going to rally this team to the playoffs this season? Right now, about the only person who might believe that is Antonio Cromartie, who guaranteed a playoff appearance last week. There aren't a lot of alternatives in free agency or the draft. This April's draft class is not like last April's, with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Russell Wilson. That's unfortunate for the Jets. But it means that their wisest course of action might be rebuilding that running game and offensive line and giving Sanchez the type of support he has seemed to lack at certain times this season. Sanchez is far from perfect, and needs plenty of polish and work. But tell me a better alternative at this point. Until there is one, it's hard to go away from him.

Q: On an already shaky Indianapolis Colts defense, how much does the loss of CB Jerraud Powers hurt?

-- Lucy (Indiana)

A: Could that cost them the playoffs? Look at how many injured players the New York Giants replaced last year on their way to the Super Bowl or the Green Bay Packers replaced the year before, Lucy. The best teams find ways to get done the job, no matter which players they lose. Now certain players, like franchise quarterbacks, cannot be replaced. But teams can find their way around the loss of good cornerbacks. It's not preferable, but it's not insurmountable, either. Powers was a good cornerback, but not a Pro Bowl cornerback. This team with Luck, and sitting at 6-3, should be good enough to get to the postseason -- quite an accomplishment.