Top 5 reasons to watch the Pro Bowl

Steeped in controversy this year, it's easy to find something to hate about the Pro Bowl. But in the first installment of Adam Schefter's Top 5 series, which will run each Wednesday, Adam provides five reasons why the Pro Bowl should be on your radar this Sunday.

(1) It's still a football game

Valentine's Day will be our first Sunday without football since September, so this gives football fans one more Sunday to tune in. The big question this year is whether the shift in time, date and location will make a difference. The early returns? Too hard to tell. Players have pulled out of the Pro Bowl at a faster rate than coaches under consideration for the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator job. But it's still football.

(2) The hits keep on coming ...

You never know when you get to see a player like the late Sean Taylor blowing up a punter like Brian Moorman in what had to be the most memorable hit in Pro Bowl history. Some questioned whether Taylor should have eased up. But even now, the replay is astonishing. Taylor leveled Moorman. Players loved it -- but maybe because it was a punter. If Taylor had laid out a wide receiver, the reaction might not have been the same. But it's football. If you're playing the game, you're taking the risk you'll get hit.

(3) ... and so do the sound bites

Nobody will ever forget when Peyton Manning lit into kicker Mike Vanderjagt in 2003, calling him an "idiot kicker" shortly after Vanderjagt had publicly criticized Manning and head coach Tony Dungy. There will be more sideline interviews Sunday. Players are relaxed, happy to do it. That doesn't happen during regular football games. But it does during the Pro Bowl.

(4) It could be the last time we see Donovan McNabb in Philly green

The Philadelphia Eagles insist they aren't trading McNabb, and ultimately, they might not. But if the Minnesota Vikings or any other quarterback-needy team offer the Eagles enough, the feeling around the league is that Philadelphia could be enticed into surrendering its franchise quarterback, who was a late addition to this Pro Bowl. If so, this game would mark the final time in McNabb's career that he wears an Eagles helmet. Don't want to miss that.

(5) Chad Ochocinco will be as uninhibited as ever

The Cincinnati Bengals WR always provides great on-field theater, always interacts with fans. But he also tries to be more reserved on game days. Can't imagine that commissioner Roger Goodell would fine Ochocinco for anything he does during Sunday's game. So Ochocinco will let it all go. And it will be a show.