Burress will get another chance at NFL

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Q: Adam, if Plaxico Burress serves his full sentence he'll be 34 when he gets out. Any chance a team takes a gamble on him then, or is he done?

-- John (Hicksville, N.Y.)

A: Absolutely, John, someone will. Teams nearly did this season. Here's where I think it'll hurt Burress. Had he signed with a team this year, I think it's fair to say he would have commanded $6.5 million -- the price the Bills paid Terrell Owens. Two years from now, I'm guessing Burress will get just more than the veteran minimum with some incentives. That's plenty of lost wages over the next two years, which is disappointing and sad. And one other thing. It really steams me that he was sent away for two years -- it's such a waste. Why not sentence him to six months in prison, or even a year, and have him serve the remainder of that time talking to the youth of our country about the dangers of carrying a gun? Burress could have done a lot more good that way than he will inside a prison cell. Sad and disappointing.

Q: Hey Adam, Here in Atlanta we can't help but be excited about our future. I keep seeing these teams with an early loss get large amounts of media attention. We're 2-0 and beat last year's NFC South champs and the Dolphins. Our offense is obviously very talented, and we have a young defense that's gonna continue to get better. Why are the Falcons being ignored and getting less attention than some 0-2 teams? I'm assuming that if we beat New England Sunday, then we'll be in the limelight.

-- Mitchell Ingram (Atlanta)

A: You're right about that, Mitchell. If the Falcons win Sunday, they'll get all the attention you want. But keep in mind that while you and other fans want attention for your teams, teams often would rather not get it. They like to be stealth, fly under the radar. The less attention teams get, the more they can use that to their advantage and say no one respects them. And they do. So file this one under the category of "Be Careful What You Wish For." You might get that attention -- and find out you don't want it.

Q: The Broncos defense looks much improved. Is that a sign of actual progress or is it a function of their first two opponents having poor offenses?

-- Pete (Los Alamos, N.M.)

A: Both, Pete. The Bengals and the Browns aren't exactly the Colts and the Chargers on offense. But last season, the Bengals and the Browns would have steamrolled Denver's defense anyway. So the unit has made tremendous progress and should be saluted for it. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has switched schemes, changed personnel and altered attitudes, and the Broncos this season are considerably better on defense than anyone expected. It also doesn't hurt that they've figured out the right way to use defensive end Elvis Dumervil, one of the league's most underrated defensive players.

Q: You said that no Chief is safe aside from Tyson Jackson and Matt Cassel, but what about Dwayne Bowe? This guy is one of the 10 best receivers in the game, despite having played in a poor offense for the past two seasons. Is [coach Todd] Haley really that set on having "his guys"?

-- Rob (New York)

A: Rob, if a team out there made a good offer for Bowe, he would be gone tomorrow. Like I said, outside of Cassel and Jackson, there's no Chief who can't be had for the right price. New regimes like their own players; this is not something new to Haley and Scott Pioli. This is a universal truth.

Q: Mr. Schefter, watching the Patriots, it looks to me as if they have questions at every position except WR. What do you think?

-- Shane (Los Angeles)

A: When a team loses this past game and really could have lost its first game and looks as shaky as the Patriots have, there are going to be questions about a lot of units. On offense, the Patriots' line has concerned me all summer up through now. It has struggled and doesn't give Tom Brady the time he needs to be entirely comfortable. Defensively, the team has gone through so many changes. It no longer has Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison and Ellis Hobbs. That's a lot of experience and leadership to replace. So yes, there will be questions. But every team has them -- and I like New England's questions better than most other teams'.


• With Craig Hentrich nursing a calf strain, the Titans tried out four punters and two long-snappers. Punters in for workouts: former Jet Reggie Hodges, former Saint Glenn Pakulak, Ricky Schmitt and former Titan A.J. Trapasso. Long-snappers in for workouts: Nathan Hodel and Ryan Neill.

• Cleveland waived tight end Martin Rucker and claimed tight end Greg Estandia on waivers from Jacksonville.

• San Diego signed free-agent defensive end Alfonso Boone.