Will MJD get carries for the Jags?

Will Maurice Jones-Drew be ready to get his usual high carry totals? AP Photo/Kathy Willens

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Q: Adam, with Maurice Jones-Drew reporting to the Jacksonville Jaguars, what do you think are realistic expectations for him Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings? Is he in football shape? Will his teammates accept him back onto the team?

-- Sergio (California)

Well, Sergio, to begin with, Rashad Jennings is expected to start Sunday against the Vikings in the regular-season opener. Depending on the shape MJD is in -- and my hunch is he's in good shape -- I'm guessing he gets 10-15 carries, depending on the flow of the game. With each week, MJD should get more and more of the workload, as you'd expect. But also keep in mind that Jennings has been pretty impressive this summer. If he runs well, he will warrant work. And will teammates accept MJD back? Of course. Players understand what players do better than anyone when it comes to business. Plus MJD is well-liked. There won't be any issues there.

Q: I am having a real problem watching NFL football so far. Is there any chance the lockout with the refs ends soon? How long could it go?

-- Jimmy (Pennsylvania)

A: This looks like it could go a while, Jimmy. There always were people who thought that it would get solved this week, right before the opener, though that is looking unlikely right now. There were other NFL executives who pegged this going a couple of weeks into the season. And I had one person tell me over the weekend that if it gets to Sept. 15, buckle your seat belt because it could go a long time. We'll see. It's a negotiation. Negotiations can change in one day. What's amusing to me is how missed, appreciated and respected the locked-out officials now are. Don't remember it being that way when they worked ...

Q: What's your outlook for the Buffalo Bills this season? They are everybody's sleeper team this season but I am just not seeing it. I see a great defensive front four and Fred Jackson, that's about it. Maybe I'm pessimistic after 15 years of bad football and cold weather but I think ESPN is overhyping Buffalo and leading us to another heartbreaking season.

-- Scott (New York)

I like the Bills, Scott. Picked them as a wild-card team. Of course, that's completely dependent upon their quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, playing like he did in the first half of last season, not the second half. If he does that, Buffalo skates into the playoffs. There certainly is enough talent and the team is pretty good. But it would be nice for you and the people in Buffalo if 15 years of bad football were wiped away a little bit this season. There's a real chance it will happen. Depends on your quarterback, and his health. He played dinged up in the second half last year.

Q: What do you think the Arizona Cardinals will do with Kevin Kolb? What a disaster of a trade that has been for Arizona.

-- Tyler (Connecticut)

Not looking like a pretty trade, is it, Travis? There aren't many options right now. They're going to have him back up John Skelton for now, and if needed, come off the bench to relieve him, which could happen. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt didn't commit to any quarterback for Week 2. The issue is, Kolb looks like he has lost his confidence when he's out there. Just hasn't looked the same. And if he doesn't get that back, this trade will go down as a waste for Arizona. It's unfortunate. Kolb is respected in the locker room, well liked around the league and a really good guy. But for a multitude of reasons, some of which tie to the play of Arizona's offensive line, it just hasn't worked in Arizona for him or the team. Sometimes situations turn around, and the hope is this one will. It just doesn't appear that way right now.

Q: Do you see anyone taking a flyer on Kellen Winslow, Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens? Thanks.

-- Amy (Louisiana)

Remember, Amy, anyone on a roster in Week 1 has his salary guaranteed for the coming season. Teams will not be willing to guarantee salaries right now for Johnson or Owens, and any team might just wait a week on Winslow. These are players who have produced at high levels for a long time, but right now there's more name value than production. Teams prefer to go with younger players. Just look at the Seahawks -- they cut Winslow so they could sign former Browns tight end Evan Moore.