Will N.Y. Jets bring in another QB?

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets' offense have struggled this preseason. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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Q: With Russell Wilson winning the starting job in Seattle, will the Seahawks keep Matt Flynn or look to move him?

-- Jerome (Washington)

A: They will keep him, Jerome. His contract is set up to where it's not overly restrictive to keep him. Plus, Seattle is locked into an incredibly friendly deal with Russell Wilson for the next three years, so even with both those quarterbacks, the Seahawks still are spending less than other teams are on one quarterback. Flynn's deal averages about $6 million per year, which is high-end backup money and low-end starting money. But Wilson's contract is so friendly that Seattle can do what it wants. And it has no intention of dealing Flynn, whom it still happens to like.

Q: Hey Adam, the New York Jets QB situation is a mess. Any chance they sign a veteran QB during the season like Donovan McNabb? Could Greg McElroy actually play this year like Peter King suggested on PTI?

-- Jason (New Jersey)

A: So you want to make it more of a mess, Jason? Let's address each issue on its own. There's no chance the Jets are pursuing McNabb. McNabb has been on the street since Minnesota released him last winter and no one has worked him out. It's looking increasingly likely that he won't get another chance and this could be the end of the line of a Hall of Fame career. As for McElroy, with all due respect to him, if the Jets resort to him, then the season is lost. It's not that McElroy can't do it, but he has never started a game at the NFL level. You really think the Jets would be better off with him over Sanchez and Tebow? I didn't hear Peter, but it's quite possible he was being completely sarcastic on PTI. The Jets are sinking and swimming with Sanchez. If he sinks, they sink, too.

Q: How important is it for Graham Harrell to have a good performance against Kansas City? Do you think the Packers will trade for a backup QB?

-- Devin (Wisconsin)

A: As teams are in the market for QBs on Friday, it would be a surprise if Green Bay wasn't scouring the waiver wire, looking at available veterans and seeing how it could improve the position. The Packers still remain comfortable with Harrell, but it sure doesn't seem like Green Bay fans are. The front office has to be reviewing its options to see if there's a better one out there.

Q: Terrelle Pryor has looked good so far this preseason. Is there any chance the Raiders trade him for draft picks to try and inject some youth into that team?

-- Heath (Oklahoma)

A: For what, Heath? Pryor would have minimal value at best, even if traded. Oakland invested a third-round pick in him in the supplemental draft, and that was earlier than most teams thought Pryor would go. It would surprise me if there was a team in the league willing to give up draft picks for Pryor without seeing him in a regular-season NFL game. He just isn't that high on teams' radars right now. Saying that, he has looked like a weapon this summer, and he has looked like someone the Raiders need to find a way to get on the field this season to help in some capacity. Pryor might turn out to be a superb starting quarterback one day. But it doesn't mean he has any value to other teams today -- he doesn't.

Q: Adam, what team has been hurt the most by injuries this preseason?

-- Chris (Illinois)

A: Great question, Chris. It's hard to find a team any more hurt than the Baltimore Ravens, though they lost Terrell Suggs this offseason. This summer no team has been decimated but the Arizona Cardinals have been hit pretty hard. Losing left tackle Levi Brown was a major blow. The Pittsburgh Steelers losing David DeCastro hurt. But it hasn't been a terrible summer for injuries, which is a good thing.