Can New York Jets fix their offense?

Mark Sanchez, left, Santonio Holmes, middle, Tim Tebow and the Jets have no TDs this preseason. US Presswire

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Q: Adam, the New York Jets just made the decision to bench Wayne Hunter. Can his replacement help? Are they looking to trade for a right tackle?

-- Patricia (New York)

A: In speaking to people around the league earlier in the week, it sounded as if benching Hunter was a move that was going to come sooner rather than later. The Jets happen to like Austin Howard, the offensive tackle replacing Hunter. They got him off the Baltimore Ravens' practice squad and believe he can be an effective starting tackle. He is expected to be the opening-day starter against the Buffalo Bills. Sure, the Jets are looking for offensive tackle help, but so is just about every other team in the league. At this time of the year, there isn't a position that's more in demand than offensive linemen. Funny how they're devalued some on draft day -- really, the interior linemen are -- and then most teams are looking for those players at this time of the year. I don't get that, but it happens. Anyway, Howard is the guy for now, there aren't a lot of other alternatives.

Q: How can the Jets fix their offense? It has looked pathetic in the preseason so far.

-- Mario (New Jersey)

A: Wait, we're starting the mailbag with two Jets questions?!? We might want to get Hannah Storm and Sal Paolantonio to be guest writers for the mailbag, too ... Here's what the Jets are thinking, Mario: There's nothing wrong with their offense. They haven't game-planned a minute yet. They haven't had Santonio Holmes. They haven't showed anything. The Jets are talking as if they're saving everything for opening day against Buffalo, and they might well be right. If New York comes out with different looks and different packages (and everything works), then everyone will know why the Jets looked so awful this summer. But if the scoring drought continues -- through the first two preseason weeks, the Jets were the only team to not score a touchdown -- then Jets fans are going to panic (and Patriots, Bills and Dolphins fans will rejoice).

Q: Adam, do you believe that the Detroit Lions will make a move at the RB position, like going after Maurice Jones-Drew, or will they stand pat? And do you think they will pursue other options in the secondary as well? Thanks!

-- Curtis (Oklahoma)

A: They have to be looking for secondary help, Curtis. It wouldn't be a surprise to see the Lions put in a waiver claim or two on a couple of players they believe can step in and provide depth where they don't have a lot. But no, I don't see the team making a move for Maurice Jones-Drew, though can you imagine if they did? Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Jones-Drew. That's a trio that could wind up rivaling the triplets that Dallas once had. If I were the Lions, I'd be on the phone with the Jaguars, pushing to make a deal happen. I'd offer up a second-round pick and any running back they want off the Lions' roster. If nothing else, Jacksonville would at least have to think about a deal for Mikel Leshoure and a second-round pick. It might not be enough to get it done, but it would at least give the Jaguars something to think about. But don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen, Curtis.

Q: Do you think the Tennessee Titans would be better off without Kenny Britt and his off-field problems/injures?

-- Randy (Georgia)

A: Let me say this about Britt, Randy: There have been players I've spoken to, veteran players, who say Britt is the single most talented player they ever have played with. He's still young and he's still inexpensive contractually. If you're the Titans, why would you give up on that at this time? He has made any number of dumb decisions, but none of his incidents by themselves compare to some of the things that other players have done. Tennessee needs to work with him, get him on track and see if it can help the young man straighten out his life. He deserves more time for now, especially considering his talent. And Tennessee plans to give it to him.

Q: Will it matter at all that Tom Brady isn't getting very many snaps this preseason? There are a lot of new parts in that offense.

-- Devin (Texas)

A: There might be some new parts, Devin, but I would raise a few questions in return to yours. Do you think Brady doesn't know the offense of new coordinator Josh McDaniels? Of course he does. He knows exactly what McDaniels wants. Think Brady isn't absorbing the playbook during practice and studying it when he's away from it? Of course he is. How would New England feel if Brady were exposed during the preseason and he suffered one of the injuries that Michael Vick has? The Patriots know what Brady needs and doesn't need during the preseason. Brady himself knows. When New England opens the regular season against Tennessee, something tells me that Brady and the Patriots will have done all of the preparation they need, Devin.