Where will Josh Freeman wind up?

Adam Schefter answers reader questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL preseason and regular season. Have a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: That was an impressive win by my Cleveland Browns on Sunday. How many teams are you hearing are interested in Josh Gordon and Greg Little? What is the return the Browns are seeking in a potential deal? -- Harrison (Ohio)

A: The return the Browns are seeking is basically enough to make the deal worthwhile, Harrison. That sounds obvious, but it’s true in this case. At least one team -- and I don’t know which one it is -- has made an attractive offer for Gordon. A deal for him might not be far off, though if Cleveland were willing to take what was on the table, it would have already done so. The problem with Gordon is not his talent; rather, it's that he is in the NFL's program, already having served a two-game suspension this season. He’s a strike away from a lengthy NFL suspension, and teams around the league are both aware and leery. But he can play. There’s not as much interest in Little, but the Browns have fielded calls on him, too. And like we said, he also can be had for the right price. Basically, just about anyone in Cleveland is available if a team is willing to trade the proper compensation. Makes for fun times leading up to the Oct. 29 trade deadline.

Q: Adam, where do you think Josh Freeman will end up now? Are the Minnesota Vikings a potential trade partner? -- Dustin (Florida)

A: Dustin, here's what you have to consider: When the Raiders traded for Carson Palmer a few years ago, nobody would have forecast them as a possible destination. But two days before the trade deadline, then-starting QB Jason Campbell got hurt and Oakland made its move. I believe we're looking at a similar scenario. Tampa Bay is going to wait and hold on to Freeman until some team has a QB injury. And when that happens, a trade becomes possible. But right now, Tampa Bay’s not in a rush and no team right now is jumping to trade for Freeman.

Q: Adam, is Robert Griffin III or the Washington defense more to blame for the Redskins’ 0-3 start? Can they turn it around? -- Jacob (Wyoming)

A: Let’s look at it this way, Jacob: The Redskins have allowed 1,464 yards of offense through three games. The Elias Sports Bureau says that’s the most yards allowed by a team through the first three games in the Super Bowl Era. That era, of course, goes back to 1967, which is a long time. Now the Redskins’ offense has not done the defense any favors, but still -- 1,464 yards?! If Washington doesn’t get its defense fixed, this team will not be able to turn it around.

Q: Kenny Britt has been a major disappointment for my Tennessee Titans. Is there any way they give him another shot after this season? -- Sean (Tennessee)

A: His contract is up after this year, Sean, so it’s hard to envision a scenario in which the Titans would bring him back. They drafted Kendall Wright in the first round last year, then Justin Hunter in the second round this year. They have been stockpiling wide receivers knowing that Britt’s contract and time in Tennessee are coming to an end. The smart thing to me would be to deal Britt before the season is over. Why not get back a draft pick for a player they don’t intend to keep next season?

Q: The Indianapolis Colts looked very impressive in their win against the 49ers. With the Houston Texans struggling a bit, what are the chances Indy wins the AFC South? -- Joe (Indiana)

A: That’s certainly possible, Joe. The Colts pulled off one of the biggest surprises of Week 3, taking it to the 49ers and beating them the way they normally beat teams -- by rushing the football, hitting hard and pounding their opponent. If Indianapolis plays that well on a consistent basis, the Colts will be the team to beat in the AFC South. But the Texans are one tough out. Each team is good enough to win the division and it wouldn’t surprise me if either won it. Houston has a slight edge based on experience, but Indianapolis is formidable.