Likeliest scenarios for Miami at No. 8

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill could fall to the Miami Dolphins at No. 8. Darren Carroll/Getty Images

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Q: Adam, I'm a huge Miami Dolphins fan. We definitely need a QB, but I'm not sold on trading up to get Ryan Tannehill, especially when Matt Barkley and others will be there last year. What direction do you think the Dolphins should go at No. 8? What are you hearing?

-- Kyle (Oregon)

A: At this time, Kyle, it looks like the best course of action for the Dolphins is to sit tight and hope Tannehill falls to them at No. 8. My sense is that Cleveland will not take Tannehill at No. 4. So unless a team like Buffalo, Kansas City or Seattle is willing to trade up, Tannehill could slide to Miami. However, if it costs the Dolphins only a midround pick to move up a spot or two to ensure they get Tannehill -- assuming they really like him -- they should not bypass that opportunity. But this much is true, Kyle: There's a lot of pressure on Miami to perform really well in this draft after so many disappointments in recent seasons.

Q: What teams do you think are one year away from rebuilding if they don't win a Super Bowl? To me, it seems like the Pittsburgh Steelers could be on the cusp if they lose Mike Wallace and with their defense getting up there in age.

-- Jessica (Nevada)

A: For starters, Jessica, they're not going to lose Wallace this season. Nobody has signed him to an offer sheet yet, and time is running short. And yes, the defense is aging. But as long as the Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger, who is one of the best quarterbacks in the game, they'll have a chance. As for teams that are aging, I go by quarterbacks. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are getting older. When they step aside, it will be difficult for their teams to maintain success at the same levels.

Q: Do you think the Arizona Cardinals should trade up and see if they can get the top offensive lineman in the draft, Matt Kalil? It probably would be worth next year's first-round pick, right?

-- Matt (Arizona)

A: That's would it would take, at least, Matt -- and then some. To go from Arizona's spot into the land of Kalil, depending on whether he gets past Minnesota's spot, would take a lot more than next year's first-rounder. Think about it: Washington gave up three firsts and a second to climb four spots. So, for Arizona to get Kalil, the price is too steep -- unless he tumbles further than a lot of people are expecting as the top tackle in the draft.

Q: As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I think that our roster has most of the pieces necessary to be a contender. Having that said, we do need an elite quarterback to win the Super Bowl. What are the chances of the Chiefs trading down to the end of the first round, drafting Brandon Weeden to compete with Matt Cassel and then using the extra picks to help solidify other minor holes throughout the roster?

-- Niles (Pennsylvania)

A: Sounds logical, Ben. The problem with that scenario is: Which team is trading up to Kansas City's spot and which player is worth trading up for? I've had multiple NFL executives tell me the past couple of weeks that the players in this draft from 10-25 are similar in talent and potential. A team at 20 conceivably could get an even better player than it could at Kansas City's spot. If Kansas City believes that much in Weeden, and you think he's the missing piece, the Chiefs should take him where they are and not get cute. But unless someone specifically falls to Kansas City's spot, it won't be easy to find a team that wants to trade up. Remember, everyone would like to trade back and get more picks. But who wants to trade up and for whom? Those are the important questions.