For now, Miami is the favorite for Manning

Could Peyton Manning be taking his talents to South Beach as well? Brian Spurlock/US Presswire

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Q: With the Super Bowl now over, talk this offseason will surely focus on Peyton Manning. Where do you think he will land? Any chance that he goes to Minnesota or San Francisco?

-- Herbert (Iowa)

A: No, Herbert, Minnesota and San Francisco will not be in play. Remember, Manning will pick his team even more than it will pick him. Minnesota can't offer as much as other teams, and San Francisco will not pursue Manning when it wants to re-sign Alex Smith. The team that is the favorite in my mind to land Manning is Miami. The Dolphins can offer warm weather and a favorable contract, and the team has been screaming for a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino left. Make Miami the favorite for now. But we've already seen what being a favorite meant to New England in this Super Bowl.

Q: What are the chances Washington moves up in the draft to the No. 2 spot to draft Robert Griffin III? What price would they need to pay in order to do this?

-- Jimmy (New Mexico)

A: Good question, Jimmy. It's hard to say the exact chances, but there's a chance. A lot will be defined by whether Washington can sign a free-agent quarterback such as Manning, Matt Flynn or Kyle Orton. If it cannot, the need to trade up for Griffin becomes even greater. But a team that loves Griffin -- be it Cleveland, Washington or Miami -- should make the jump to No. 2 to get him if it believes in him enough. I'd have to check the draft chart for trades, which I don't have handy, but I'm guessing for Washington to go from the sixth pick to the second is going to cost this year's and next year's first-round choices. If Washington or Miami can get to that spot for less than that, it should do it.

Q: What do you think are the biggest areas of weakness that the New York Giants need to address this offseason?

-- Jeff (Massachusetts)

A: Not much, Jeff. General manager Jerry Reese and his staff have done a great job assembling talent. The Giants' biggest issue might be retaining their own free agents, such as Mario Manningham, Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross. The Giants also could use some linebacking help, and another offensive tackle wouldn't hurt, either. But this team has fewer needs than most. It heads into February and the offseason in good shape -- as it should. The Giants are the world champions.

Q: Adam, do you think Tom Brady's legacy has been diminished by losing his past two Super Bowls? I know it's still extremely hard to make it to the big game, but he is now only 3-2, and his window for titles is closing slowly.

-- Jackson (Oklahoma)

A: No, Jackson, it hasn't been diminished. But it hasn't been enhanced at all, either. He's still one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. But if he had won one, or both, of his two Super Bowls against the Giants, we wouldn't have to debate who is the greatest quarterback of all time. It would be Brady. Now he's up there with all the rest of them, with his window starting to close a bit.

Q: Adam, who do you think are some of the more underrated free agents out there that people aren't talking about?

-- Kyle (Texas)

A: If they're talking about them now, they're not so underrated. Saints guard Carl Nicks is a great player and his deal is up. Manningham showed in this Super Bowl that he is a receiver worth having. And I like Saints wide receiver Marques Colston, too, though it's hard to say he's underrated. There will be moves made before free agency that add to or subtract from the free-agent pool. Please check back in a few weeks and we'll have a clearer picture as to the underrated free agents.