Is Jason Garrett gone after this season?

If the Cowboys miss the postseason, Jason Garrett may well be the scapegoat. AP Photo/James D. Smith

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Q: What did you think of Jay Cutler's game in Week 15? Did he do anything to help himself earn a long-term deal? -- Patrick (Washington, D.C.)

A: It's hard to imagine that Chicago's position on Cutler is going to change no matter what happens the rest of the season, Patrick. Chicago has a quarterback it believes in, likes and will want back. The question is, at what price (and term)? It is hard for me to envision Chicago letting Cutler walk out the door, not getting anything back for him and turning the franchise over to Josh McCown, as good as McCown has been. If I were the Bears, I would either get a long-term deal done with Cutler or tag him. Period. He's a quarterback, and he's an asset. Assets must be kept. I'd also want to bring back McCown and have the exact same arrangement the team has this year. But how Cutler plays the next two games will not change how the Bears feel about him.

Q: Adam, is Jason Garrett definitely gone after this season after that collapse on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers? -- Kevin (West Virginia)