Expectations for rookie running backs

Le'Veon Bell could become the No. 1 running back in Pittsburgh as a rookie. Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

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Q: What do you think would constitute a successful season in Cleveland, Adam? Improvement from Brandon Weeden and a record around .500? -- Jeremy (Washington)

A: It’s funny, Jeremy, but there are different types of .500. I’ve seen teams with playoff expectations finish at .500 to tremendous disappointment and teams not projected to be particularly good finish at .500 to tremendous satisfaction. I think that’s the type of season we’re looking at with the Browns. I believe Weeden will play better than people think, the Browns' record will be better than people think -- around 7-9, 8-8 -- and the season will go better than people think. But I don’t see them overtaking the other three teams in their division for a playoff spot. The Browns are in an extremely competitive AFC North division. But that’s why expectations aren’t particularly high, and why this season could end up being rewarding, even if Cleveland doesn’t make the playoffs.

Q: Adam, rookie running backs are always a big storyline. This year what are your thoughts on the top 5 in fantasy? -- Wally (Tennessee)