Eagles are NFC East favorite right now

Adam Schefter answers reader questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL preseason and regular season. Have a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: David Wilson had a rough game for the New York Giants. How long do you think he’ll remain in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse, given the lack of a reliable backup RB? -- Fred (New York)

A: Fred, maybe he will get out Sunday versus the Broncos. But he’s one fumble away from being back in, and being back in for good -- and he may be there already. At this point, it’s not even about being in the doghouse, it’s about giving the Giants a reliable threat in the running game. Wilson is talented. As one person who knows him said about Wilson, “He’s special.” But he’s a special person who can’t hold on to the football right now. I would guess New York has to give him another chance, especially with Andre Brown being sidelined for eight weeks with a broken leg. But Wilson is running out of opportunities.

Q: Adam, what were some of the biggest surprises of Week 1 in your mind? -- Jerry (Oregon)