What's wrong with the Houston Texans?

Adam Schefter answers reader questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL preseason and regular season. Have a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: Adam, how concerned should I be as a Bengals fan about our defense? We made Thaddeus Lewis look like a competent starting QB on Sunday. -- Jason (South Carolina)

A: That's how you might look at it, Jason, but Cincinnati looks at it like it won a road game, no matter what quarterback it was playing against. The defense has been solid and its sack totals have increased in each of the past three weeks. It has surrendered only 47 points during the past three games, which is less than 16 points per week. The Bengals can win with that type of defensive play. They can't win with the offense turning it over and struggling on third down and in the red zone. The defense can improve, but so far it has been good enough.

Q: What is wrong with my Houston Texans? Once thought to be a Super Bowl contender before the season, they now look lost. Is the issue all the play of Matt Schaub (and T.J. Yates)? -- Reese (Nevada)