Latest NFL trade deadline rumors

The Browns have received some trade offers for wide receiver Josh Gordon. Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

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Q: Adam, what do you think the costliest injury was this past weekend? It seemed like there were more injuries than usual to big-name players. -- Henry (Texas)

A: Always the quarterbacks, Henry, because that position is so critical to a team’s success. The Rams' losing Sam Bradford to a season-ending torn ACL and the Bears' losing Jay Cutler for at least four weeks due to a torn groin muscle cannot be underestimated. The Rams can’t make a realistic playoff push with Kellen Clemens playing quarterback, and the Bears will be challenged to do so with Josh McCown playing quarterback. When teams lose quarterbacks, their records take hits, and I remember Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie pointing out one time that his team’s TV ratings also went down; the Eagles lost Donovan McNabb one year, and Lurie said the loss was reflected in TV ratings. So there are lots of ramifications for teams losing QBs. The Rams and Bears are about to find out exactly how many.

Q: Adam, how active do you think the trade market will be this season? Any rumors you’re hearing around the league? Could the Rams deal for a Vikings QB? -- Reggie (Colorado)