What's wrong with the Chargers?

Adam Schefter answers readers' questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL preseason and regular season. Have a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: Will the Minnesota Vikings be searching for a new QB in next year’s draft, and if so, who is more likely to be the one they pick? Also are they likely to have a new coaching staff next year as well, especially on the offensive side of the ball? -- Vade (Texas)

A: They were in the market last offseason, Vade, and they’ll be in the market once again. It’s tough to imagine that this team will be counting on any of the three quarterbacks on its roster now as its starter next season. The Vikings will be in search of one in the draft. The question is how high will they be picking and who will be there for them. As for the Minnesota coaching staff, we’ll get back to you at the end of the season. The Vikings keep saying no changes, but there could be plenty. We’ll just have to see.

Q: What is wrong with the San Diego Chargers, Adam? I feel like they could be a potential playoff team, but they keep losing close games. Is that bad coaching? -- Horace (Colorado)