NFL's level of concern with officiating

There have been a number of poorly officiated NFL games this season. AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

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Q: Adam, how big is the Chris Harris injury for the Denver Broncos? Does that give the edge to New England in that game? -- Reggie (Michigan)

A: It's a big injury, Reggie, certainly bigger than people realize. Von Miller got the headlines when he got hurt and suffered a season-ending injury. But the truth is that Harris’ loss is bigger than Miller’s. Harris might be the Broncos’ best defensive player, and he certainly was their best defensive back. When he went out of the game Sunday, Denver’s backup cornerback Quentin Jammer was incapable of getting the job done. New England is great at exploiting weaknesses. Now Denver has one more.

Q: Adam, every week in the NFL playoffs there seem to be several poor officiating calls. How concerned is the NFL about this? Are they planning to address it this offseason? -- Leslie (New York)