New England's 2014 NFL draft strategy

Bill Belichick has been known to move around in the draft. AP Photo/Michael Conroy

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Q: I think the New Orleans Saints should draft LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr., even if they have to trade up. He fills a need at WR, and in the return game. Should they go for more weapons or go for depth on "D"? -- Rod (Louisiana)

A: They can’t go wrong either way, Rod. There’s no question New Orleans does need to add another wide receiver in this draft and Beckham’s stock is rising. I don’t see Beckham lasting until New Orleans’ scheduled turn at No. 27 in the first round. Now odder things have happened, but my sense is he’s gone somewhere between 15 and 25. If he’s gone, New Orleans can’t go wrong adding any type of defensive playmaker. I know the Saints were active adding to their secondary during free agency, including safety Jairus Byrd, but another cornerback wouldn’t be the worst thing for that defense.

Q: The New England Patriots have the 29th overall pick. What chances do you give them moving up in the draft to get a Mike Evans or Beckham Jr.? Could they trade Ryan Mallett to move up? -- David (Massachusetts)