Houston Texans' likeliest pick at No. 1

Sammy Watkins is a very gifted receiver, but is there any chance he goes No. 1? Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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Q: Adam, I see various mock drafts with QBs slotted to go all over. Looking at it from the flip side, what teams would be the best-case scenario destinations for the rookie QBs? -- Hershel (Afghanistan)

A: Well, Hershel, the first team a quarterback should want to get drafted by this year is Houston. The Houston Texans have a strong defense, an offensive-minded head coach in Bill O’Brien and plenty of talent on the roster. So the Texans would be a bit more desirable than some of the other QB-needy teams such as Jacksonville, Cleveland and Minnesota, among others. But ultimately, a quarterback wants to go where he’s most wanted. And it’s going to be interesting this year to see which team is the first one to draft a quarterback. The sense today is it’s going to happen a little bit later than most people thought, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if there weren’t any quarterbacks selected among the top five picks; it’s even possible the QBs will slip out of the top 10. But once one gets picked, then we could start to get a run on them. Watching where the QBs go, as much as the teams they go to, will be the most intriguing storyline of this draft.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Houston Texans taking Sammy Watkins with the No. 1 pick and getting a QB and defensive help later in the draft? -- Michael (Texas)