What Tom Brady appreciates about Bill Belichick: Consistency and urgency

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- No player has had more of an up-close, behind-the-scenes view of the New England Patriots over the past 17 years than quarterback Tom Brady, and he shared some of his observations of coach Bill Belichick during his weekly interview on Westwood One Radio on Monday.

Asked what stands out to him about Belichick, Brady cited words such as "consistency" and "urgency."

“It’s so much of what you don’t see on these Sunday afternoons," Brady relayed. "It’s the way the offseason program is run in April, his enthusiasm and his urgency at that time of year, when no one is watching. His OTA schedule, and his emphasis over the course of those practices in May and June when no one is really watching and there is no scoreboard to compete against. But we always feel like we’re in competition with the other teams, even when there is no scoreboard. So you go to training camp and you can’t waste days, because you don’t get those days back. Those days in training camp prepare you for what’s going to happen in September.

“There’s urgency throughout the entire offseason to get us to the month of September, and then once September comes, it’s all about winning games and making improvements towards October. And once you make improvements towards October, you can be in a really good position to really capitalize come November. That’s when the playoff race is starting to shape up and you really see where you’re at, and there’s a lot of scouting that’s been done at that point. That’s where you really see the team develop and how the depth of the team really takes place.

"Coach Belichick is always understanding where the roster needs to be at, and which positions we may need a little more depth at based on some injuries over the course of the season. Then there comes December, the last stretch of the season, when you need to be at your best. He prepares us all the way throughout the season and his consistency has been remarkable, it’s been fun to see, obviously, from this point for the last four weeks. But I’ve experienced that every day, so that part of it doesn’t really surprise me. To see the way that my teammates have come out and played and performed under pressure – on a Sunday night game, and then their first home game, on a Thursday night national TV game -- it’s just been so much fun to watch.”

Brady called playing for Belichick a "privilege."

“I think whatever hand he’s been dealt, he finds a way to win. That’s the mark of a great coach," he said on Westwood One. "Sitting in those meetings for the last 16 years and watching him prepare the team, there’s no coach I’d ever want to play for. He’s just remarkable in every aspect. ... He’s been so consistent in his approach and it has paid off for our team for a long time.”