Jets' Sheldon Richardson: Argument with Marshall 'locker room business'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson declined to talk about his locker room argument with wide receiver Brandon Marshall in the moments following the Sept. 25 loss to Kansas City Chiefs.

“What? That was weeks ago, bro. Who brought that up?" Richardson said Friday when asked about the incident, first reported by ESPN.com Thursday night.

When it was explained to Richardson that the story had been reported Thursday night, and that Marshall had spoken about it, Richardson said: “That’s Brandon, bro. I got nothing to talk about on that note."

And asked, one more time, if he wanted to share the circumstances of the disagreement, Richardson said he did not.

“That’s locker room business," he said. “That’s what it’s supposed to be."

Marshall, who spoke to ESPN.com Thursday, spoke about the issue again Friday and repeated much of what he said Thursday.

“I think the thing that’s so hard to do in sports is, it’s so emotional, you put so much into it and you have so many alpha males in one room, it can be hard to communicate, at times, when you’re fresh off disappointment," he said. “Sometimes we’ve got to take time after those big moments and take a deep breath. Because at the end of the day, we’re family; we’re brothers; we love each other, we’re all here to do the same thing, we all want the same thing.

“So we just have to continue to communicate the right way, continue to fight and try to figure things out."

Richardson was more interested in talking about the state of the Jets’ defense, which is underperforming as the team has lost five of its first six games, the last four in a row.

“Guys have got to execute," he said. “You can’t blame everything on playcalling. It’s mainly us, so we better make sure we execute.

Someone asked if the lack of turnovers produced by the defense -- just four, in six games -- was holding the defense back from being elite.

“Not even just that -- just preventing points, you can still be a good defense," Richardson said. “We’re not even doing that. That’s just what it comes down to, not getting off the field on third down. We balled it last year, so we’ve got to get back to it. We’ve got to make plays."