Titans overdue to show, not tell, they are on Colts' level

Titans' mentality is not up to par (0:57)

The Titans had better people on the field Sunday at Nissan Stadium. So why couldn't they break through against the Colts? (0:57)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When their work day ends, they are sportsmen shaking hands, saying hello to old friends and looking for a shower, their families and an escape.

That's what the Tennessee Titans looked like Sunday evening at Nissan Stadium after an ugly loss finished unfolding.

Nobody needed to sit on the bench with a towel over his head or throw a locker-room tantrum to reveal he was ticked off about yet another loss to the Colts, who simply own them.

"We need to find ways to make it change," defensive lineman Jurrell Casey said in a familiar refrain. "It frigging sucks. It seems like no matter what we dial up, what we put together, no matter how close we keep the game, we just can't find a way to close it out.

"We're too close to them in games not to come out of one of these with a win."

Said tight end Delanie Walker: "It's something we're going to have to change. We've got to be able to beat the Colts if we want to be a good football team."

I'd argue the Titans fielded better overall personnel than the Colts. The Titans have a better offensive and defensive line, better outside linebackers, a better running back and a better tight end.

The Colts win the secondary, receivers (even with just one in this game, really), special teams and, of course, quarterback.

Indianapolis' stars shined, with Andrew Luck throwing for 353 yards and posting a 123.1 passer rating and T.Y. Hilton pulling in seven catches for 133 yards and a score despite being the focus of coverage.

Tight end Jack Doyle, who with the Titans in training camp in 2013, found a ton of open space en route to nine catches for 78 yards and the game-winning TD catch.

Argue the nuance of personnel all you like, my point is this win was about plan, scheme, mentality and expectations more than players.

The checkmarks for all of that went to the horseshoe, not the flaming thumbtack, just like usual.

Casey doesn't think it's a mindset issue.

"There is nothing really mentally to it," he said. "It's just going out there and playing the game you're supposed to. They capitalize on the plays that they make and we don't capitalize on ours that we should make. That's really the difference in this game."

But as he described Luck, the Titans top D-lineman talked about how Luck doesn't panic and always stays calm, which leaves open the possibility that the Titans did the opposite.

They absolutely want to win. Simply being competitive on a weekly basis is new ground for a third of the roster -- players who arrived in 2014 and 2015, when losing was a given.

DeMarco Murray was part of a 2014 Dallas Cowboys team that expected to not just compete, but to win.

He had another good outing for the Titans, with 25 carries for 107 yards and a score.

Murray was not about soul-searching after his first experience of the lopsided Colts-Titans series.

"Just got to beat them, simple as that," he said. "They are a good team. But we are a good team as well."

When it comes to the Titans being a good team against the Colts, the wait for Tennessee to show us rather than tell us continues.