Cardinals' Super Bowl hopes hinge on a quarterback, any quarterback

One of the biggest problems facing new coach Steve Wilks is finding a starting quarterback. Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look at the Super Bowl prospects of the Arizona Cardinals, who finished the season 8-8. The tiers consist of: Realistic Super Bowl expectations; Should contend, but there are question marks; Middle of the pack; Lots of work to do; and Nowhere close.

Westgate odds to win Super Bowl LIII: 80-1

Lots of work to do: The Super Bowl isn’t completely unrealistic for the Cardinals. It’s just a faraway dream for them right now because of their holes on offense, namely, not having a quarterback. Their odds of getting to and winning the Super Bowl can vary significantly depending on who they find to be their starting quarterback. As of now, they don’t have one, so 80-1 odds are fairly good considering the situation. But Arizona has the defense to sustain a deep run into the postseason. It just needs to fix a few areas on offense to help them get to the playoffs. Aside from quarterback, the Cardinals need depth at receiver. Beyond the question of whether Larry Fitzgerald returns in 2018, the Cardinals could lose three receivers in free agency. That would amount to a major passing game overhaul. Arizona also needs to add more depth on the offensive line and at tight end. Once all of those areas are shored up, the offense could have the personnel to compete into January. However, whether that group can flourish and put together a Super Bowl-worthy run will come down to what kind of scheme new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy can run -- which will come down to who their quarterback is. Until that's settled, Arizona’s Super Bowl hopes will be just that -- hopes.