'Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind' shows Harbaugh, Michigan in different light

David Turnley

No one outside of Jim Harbaugh's family and coaching staff had more face time with the Michigan head coach during his first year on the job than Pulitzer-winning photographer David Turnley.

Turnley's nearly four decades as a professional photographer have sent him all over the world. He has heard bullets zip by his head in war zones on three different continents. He visited Cuba with Muhammad Ali. He lived briefly with the Dalai Lama. He sat at Nelson Mandela's dinner table the night after the South African leader was released from prison. And now, he's firmly entrenched with the Wolverine football team and America's most interesting college coach.

Harbaugh granted Turnley, who spent two weeks as a walk-on football player at Michigan in the 1970s, unfettered access to himself and his program. He was intrigued after learning about Turnley's bona fides and the competitive relationship he has with his twin brother, Peter. The Turnleys finished No. 1 and No. 2 in the 1988 World Press Picture of the Year contest -- the photographing world's version of winning the Super Bowl. David won.

Turnley and Harbaugh co-authored a 300-page book titled "Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind", released by Foster Park Publishing in August, filled with a "treatise" from the coach and more than 300 photos from Harbaugh's first year at Michigan. Turnley made more than 70,000 pictures during his first year with the team. He and Harbaugh recently took the time to talk to us about some of their favorites.

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