Michigan to wear special bowl uniforms

Michigan is tinkering with its iconic look again, this time with special uniforms for the Outback Bowl game against South Carolina.

The Wolverines' look will include a white jersey with blue across the shoulders and down the sleeves, with a maize block "M" on both shoulders. Player numbers will be in maize with a blue outline, while the player's name on the back will be in blue. Michigan will also wear helmets with a navy matte finish, plus the traditional maize wings.

You can view photos of the duds here.

"I love them," senior quarterback Denard Robinson told the official Wolverines website. "We only saw a photo of them early in the year, but I think they look even better."

Michigan is hardly Oregon when it comes to radical uniform designs, as these aren't exactly groundbreaking. I like them better than the bumblebee look the Wolverines have sported a couple of times in the past two seasons. Michigan's traditional look is so recognizable and darn near perfect that I'm not sure why the school even has to change it. But that's the way of college sports right now, and the players seem to like it (not to mention the athletic department, which can sell more jerseys this way).

What do you think of the look?