Tom Brady's mom: 'You're the fastest person on the field'

Don't tell Brady's mom that he isn't fast (0:25)

When asked about running for first downs, Tom Brady says his mom thinks he is the fastest player in the NFL. (0:25)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will never be compared with the likes of Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks Russell Wilson and others from a mobility standpoint, but it's an area of his game he's worked hard on in recent years and the results have shown.

One such example came in last Sunday's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers when he scrambled for 5 yards on third-and-2 midway through the first quarter.

Brady knows he's not the fastest, but joked Wednesday, "Don't tell my mom that. She would totally disagree with that. She thinks I'm very fast. She'll say, 'I think you're the fastest person on the field.' I say, 'Mom, you're crazy. There's no way.' That's moms."

The topic, which generated laughter in the media workroom, came up when Brady was asked about how fresh he feels from missing the first four games of the season because of suspension. The questioner was curious if Brady feeling less wear and tear might lead to better performance from a mobility standpoint.

Brady didn't necessarily endorse the connection, but did acknowledge, "It feels like I'm just kind of getting going in football season and it's already the halfway point."

As for making more plays with his feet, Brady echoed past remarks.

"I've been talking about that for a couple years," he said. "If there are two or three plays a game that you can make just moving in the pocket, or sliding, or buying receivers more time, or scrambling on third-and-2, it's just one more thing they have to defend. ... It's nice to be able to do that because it does help the team. I think it's a little discouraging for a defense when they feel like they got you covered or they have the right call on and then all of a sudden; I don't think they're preparing for me scrambling for first downs. I know they're not working on that. They're working on stopping Gronk [Rob Gronkowski], and stopping Julian [Edelman] and Danny [Amendola] and Hoges [Chris Hogan] and LeGarrette [Blount] and James [White]. That's not one of the top 10 things on their hit list. So I think it's pretty discouraging when it happens and hopefully we can keep it going."