Rebuilding White Sox should think about keeping Jose Quintana

What would it take for White Sox to trade Jose Quintana? (1:47)

Following the recent deals involving Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, the Baseball Tonight crew propose deals involving White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana and see which team would say no. (1:47)

The perception of some of Rick Hahn’s peers is that he wanted to start the White Sox rebuilding long ago, perhaps as far back as before the trade deadline in 2015, given the needs of the organization. They sensed that he wanted to take advantage of Chris Sale’s value in the trade market, to retool and rebuild and, most important, get the White Sox out of the dreaded no-man’s land -- the place of teams not quite good enough to seriously contend but with enough talent to be mediocre.

Hahn hauled the franchise out of that place this week, with two big trades for impactful veterans that drew compliments from his peers, and the White Sox are already deep into the marketing of the player currently regarded as their most valuable asset: starting pitcher Jose Quintana. The left-hander, who turns 28 in January, has thrown 814 1/3 innings over the last four seasons, with a 3.35 ERA, despite pitching his home games in the hitters’ haven that is the White Sox home park.

And through Hahn’s work, he has a tremendous team-friendly contract that guarantees him only $15.85 million over the next two years, with club options for 2019 and 2020 at $10.5 million and $11.5 million, respectively.

To sum it up: Quintana is really good with virtually no risk, and at the moment, he is the most coveted pitcher in the market.