Why Jose Iglesias is a defensive star

Jose Iglesias Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers hope and expect to get Jose Iglesias back this week, and it’s impossible to overstate what this means for their defense, given the range of his skills. Some Tigers chimed in over the weekend about what they think is Iglesias' best attribute on defense -- and the fact that the answers are all over the board says a lot about him.

Justin Verlander: “The transfer of the ball in the glove to throwing. The speed at which he catches it and releases it is his best attribute. He does everything well, but [the transfer] is the difference in the bang-bang play of being out or safe. You can range to your right, you can range to your left, but how quickly can you get it into your hand and let it go with something on it?

“That play against Brett Gardner was the perfect example.”

Verlander was talking about this play. Which was ridiculous.

“Deep in the hole, but it took him no time to get it out and throw it, with some pace on it -- and he got Gardner by a step. All things included, take out the gravity of the game, who’s running, that play was sick.”